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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering


Prospective applicants should consider the trade-off between time to study on the one hand, and the experience and monetary rewards of tutoring on the other hand, before deciding whether to apply or how much tutoring to apply for. Note that some work, particularly assignment marking, may need to be done in the revision period, and this may disrupt your own study if you are a coursework student.

You can register your interest in tutoring at

You will need to supply:

  • contact information, including email address
  • your academic results and/or qualifications
  • preferences for tutoring (eg specific course names/codes).

The University treats information collected by it as confidential and complies with Australian and Queensland privacy laws and guidelines. Information supplied by you will only be used for the administrative purposes of the University or in accordance with a specific consent given by you. The University will not make available to a third party any personal information supplied by you unless required or permitted by law.

Allocation to Courses

Applicants are asked to indicate their study background, teaching experience and course preferences. This data, along with the preferences of course coordinators for experienced tutors, will be taken into account in matching tutors to courses.

Senior academic staff of the School are appointed to make the allocations in consultation with teaching staff. Allocations occur before the beginning of semester, but are not necessarily final until Week 2 or Week 3 of semester. A tutor may see a reduction in his/her hours or be assigned to a different course. This does not reflect on the tutor involved: it is usually due to unresolved timetabling constraints or fluctuations in enrollments.

Email is the primary method of communicating with prospective tutors, so please monitor it regularly in the period around the start of semester.

Offer Letters & Appointment

After submitting a Casual Appointment Form, tutors are emailed a copy of their appointment letter, which they retain. It will include the total number of hours of casual work that you are authorised to complete as a tutor. You will not be paid for any extra hours you work, unless prior arrangement has been made.

Tutors may be reappointed from semester to semester, provided their performance has been assessed as satisfactory.

A prospective tutor should have completed at least two years of an undergraduate degree, including a substantial proportion of second year core courses, with good results.