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The integrated BE(Hons)/ME program has been offered since 2013. This innovative program allows excellent BE or BE(Hons) students to study for one additional year and gain both a Bachelor (Honours) and Master of Engineering - giving these students an advantage in the job market. This extended program, developed in consultation with industry, allows students to gain greater depth of knowledge in their field of interest and offers the possibility of a full-time placement in industry or an overseas research laboratory as part of their program. 

In the School of ITEE, the program is available in the fields of:

BE(Hons)/ME Eligibility for Current BE or BE(Hons) students

BE or BE(Hons) or BE dual or BE(Hons) dual degree students who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply for entry to the BE(Hons)/ME

  • have completed at least #16 of a BE or BE(Hons) or BE dual or BE(Hons) dual program
  • have a weighted GPA of 5.0 or better
  • have not yet commenced the fourth year thesis course (ENGG4801/ENGG4802/ENGG4805/METR4900/METR4901) - this course is not part of the BE(Hons)/ME.

Weighted GPA

The weighted grade point average (GPA) is calculated by weighting a student's grades by both the unit value (#) of the course and the year-level of the course - as given by the first digit in the course code (1, 2, 3 or 4).

Applying for entry to the BE(Hons)/ME

Domestic Students

You may apply for the integrated BE(Hons)/ME by completing a program change request on mySI-net. The EAIT Faculty will consider your request and advise you of the outcome. The application deadlines for program changes can be found on the UQ Academic Calendar -  usually the Friday prior to orientation week for semester one and semester two. Commonwealth-supported (HECS/HELP) places are available in the BE(Hons)/ME. Students are advised to consult Centrelink about any implications for income support (e.g. Youth Allowance).

International Students

You may submit an international student program change request. Note that there may be fee and visa implications.

Academic Advice

Students currently enrolled, or considering enrollment in the BE(Hons)/ME program who need further assistance in planning their studies can arrange an academic advising appointment. Please see the engineering academic advising and resources page for further details.

Student Choice - BE or BE(Hons)/ME?

Students can now choose direct entry to the integrated program or, if eligible, entering the 5-year BE(Hons)/ME at the end of third year (completion of #48). The programs differ in fourth year so application must be made before fourth year is commenced.

Project/Placement Course

BE(Hons)/ME students in their second last semester choose either:

  • a semester-long full-time placement in industry; or
  • a semester-long full-time placement in a research laboratory with UQ or an external organisation (including international universities)

European Linked Degrees

Through strategic international partnerships, The Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Information Technology is excited to offer you the opportunity to study abroad and complete a European Double Degree.