Biomedical Engineering
School of ITEE

Dr Yah Leng Lim

Contact details

School of ITEE, General Purpose South [78]
Tel: +61 7  3365 9189
Fax: +61 7  3365 4999


Yah Leng has worked with A/Prof. Rakic’s photonics group as a research officer since 2009, on projects to develop self-mixing biomedical imaging sensors based on arrays of near-infrared vertical cavity lasers (VCSELs). His work has contributed to numerous cutting edge developments including:

  • the world’s first monolithic laser-array based self-mixing sensor for parallel imaging,
  • the world’s first flow sensor with parallel readout that will facilitate imaging blood perfusion in skin and skin cancer diagnosis,
  • the first self-mixing flow sensor based on blue-green laser providing unprecedented access to imaging slow flow in peripheral blood vessels, and
  • terahertz (THz) self-mixing sensor with high sensitivity and imaging resolution to permit for the first time, a compact THz imaging systems for biomedical and pharmacological applications.
Research Interests

His current research focus is to develop methods for Terahertz sensing. Spectral characterisation of materials in the Terahertz range has applications which include drug and explosives identification, as well as cancer detection at the microscopic scale.


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Postdoctoral Research Fellow