Biomedical Engineering
School of ITEE

Researcher Profile

What is your area of research?

Medical instrumentation, signal processing and pattern recognition

What are the major scientific challenges facing your area of research?

Too many to list here but enough for us to earn a decent living into the foreseeable future.

Why did you become a biomedical engineer?

I was fascinated by the way engineering principles could be applied to understand physiological processes and solve medical problems. I realised I tremendously enjoyed working in multidisciplinary groups and had a good academic preparation to do so. Based on these I decided to do my doctoral studies in biomedical engineering and never looked back since then. At the time I was finishing my bachelor’s degree my my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This played a major role in my decision to select biomedical engineering.

Who has been/is the biggest influence on your career and why?

My parents who raised me in a paradise on earth, my teachers who empowered me by grounding me well in fundamentals, my master’s thesis advisor from Japan who encouraged independent thinking and introduced me to the joys of research, and Bill Gates for making a lot of money and sharing a teeny bit of it with us in supporting our childhood pneumonia research project, which now has bloomed into a major research program.

If you could choose one person to sit next to on a plane, whom would it be?

My imaginary friend from the childhood. 

Associate Professor
School of Information Technology 
& Electrical Engineering