School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Speaker: Dr Rachel Fitzgerald
Seminar Date: Mon, 26/02/2018 - 12:45
Venue: 49-502; AEB Seminar Room
Host: Assoc Prof Stephen Viller

Seminar Type:  ITEE Research Seminar


Please note, this seminar actually commences at 12:45pm

This research evaluates what we mean by digital literacy through a review of the literature and asks if digital literacy is relevant in higher education. Documentary analysis of digital literacy policies and / or guidelines from a range of universities is analysed through the lens of the six elements of the JISC Capability Framework. This research seminar will discuss approaches, commonalities and gaps and the need for common language. The JISC Digital Capabilities Framework is identified as a useful resource to develop local needs frameworks and the digital development agenda in higher education.


Dr Rachel Fitzgerald is a curriculum designer at QUT and former senior lecturer and university fellow from the University of Northampton. Rachel's doctoral research evaluates digital strategies and capabilities in Higher Education and she has many years’ experience of leading on online learning and digital design. Rachel is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.