School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Speaker: Dr Ning Chuang
Seminar Date: Thu, 05/12/2019 - 15:00
Venue: 78-621
Host: Prof Amin Abbosh

Seminar Type:  ITEE Teaching & Learning Seminar


I wish to take this opportunity to present a seminar about my career path in electrical engineering. I have received three degrees all in electrical engineering received in Australia, in which the B.Eng (Hons) and MEngSc (Research) were undertaken at the University of Tasmania prior to my PhD study at UNSW Canberra at Australian Defence Force Academy.

I worked as an electrical engineer for four companies prior to my PhD study. During my period of employment with those companies I was involved with a number of engineering projects. My skills and experience have been greatly enhanced by my employment in industry. Both of my Master and PhD research were very practical in system modelling and real-time control. During the challenging time of my Master and PhD, I was able to solve many difficult practical problems in the experiments for my engineering research. I was fortunate to experience the great challenge from my Master and PhD research. My strong engineering practical experience undoubtedly has formed a solid base on which to further my academic career. The engineering knowledge I learnt at the universities has set a benchmark for me to work as an electrical engineer in Australia.


Ning Chuang B.E.(Hons), MEngSc, PhD, MIEAust, CPEng


  • BE Electrical Engineering with Honours, the University of Tasmania, 1995
  • Master of Engineering Science (Research), the University of Tasmania, 2005
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, the University of New South Wales at Australian Defence Force Academy, 2011

Professional Affiliations:

  • Member, Engineers Australia
  • Chartered Professional Engineer, Engineers Australia
  • National Professional Engineers Register (NPER)

Academic working experience:

  • Worked as a sessional lecturer for teaching a 4th year Power Machines course in 2010 and won a Rector’s Commendations Teaching Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching
  • Full-time lecturer at Murdoch University 2011 - 2012