Cognitive Engineering Research Group (CERG)

CERG members study human-system integration in complex sociotechnical systems, focusing on critical care medicine, air traffic control, power systems, and air defence. CERG is associated with the Schools of ITEE, Psychology, and Medicine at UQ. The leader of CERG is Professor Penelope Sanderson.


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3 Dec 2018
Congratulations to our 2018 honours students on first-class degrees

We congratulate our three honours students - Tom Davidson, Agnes Ryu, and Monika Srbinovska, on their graduation with first-class honours degrees!

3 Dec 2018
Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss on award of MPhil degree

We congratulate Kelly Hinckfuss on the award of her MPhil degree. Kelly investigated novel ways of enhancing the variable-tone pulse oximetry sound to convey patient status better to clinicians.

17 Nov 2018
Penny gives keynote address at PAnaesthesia conference at PAH

Penny gives a keynote address on auditory displays in anaesthesia at the PAnaesthesia conference at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

17 Oct 2018
Penny gives keynote address at DDI2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Penny gives a keynote address on distractions and interruptions in healthcare at the Driver Distraction International conference, DDI2018, in Gothenburg, Sweden.