2 Apr 2021
Dr Stu Marshall of Monash University joins our CERG meering

Dr Stu Marshall, a UQ and CERG PhD alumnus, joins our CERG meeting and discusses his past and present research on human factors in the healthcare environment.

10 Mar 2021
Prof John Flach joins our CERG meeting for a visit

Professor John Flach of MileTwo, and recently of Wright State University, joins our CERG meeting and discusses his perspectives on cognitive systems engineering in academia and industry.

26 Feb 2021
Welcome to new honours students for 2021

We welcome Hugh Clarke and Martin Fahy as our honours students for 2021. They will be working on various aspects of advanced auditory displays. 

10 Feb 2021
Prof Joe Schlesinger makes an online visit to CERG

Professor Joe Schlesinger visits our CERG meeting, and tells us about his work on auditory displays and other current interests.

26 Jan 2021
Prof Bruce Walker makes a virtual visit to CERG

Professor Bruce Walker from Georgia Institute of Technology makes a virtual visit to CERG, discussing his work on sonification and auditory displays, as well as other interests, with us.

1 Dec 2020
Congratulations to Sam Leav on 1st class honours degree

We congratulate Sam Leav on his first-class honours degree! His thesis explored novel ways of displaying heart rate and oxygen saturation in pulse oximetry sounds.

5 Oct 2020
CERG presentations at HFES2020

CERG members Tom Davidson, Emma Knight, Isaac Salisbury, and Jelena Zestic present their work at the online Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting.

24 Jun 2020
CERG contributes to COVID-19 response at PAH

Sanderson gives an invited presentation on human factors contributions to the COVID-19 response to the Clinical Directors' meeting at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

19 May 2020
Alex Neary and Penny Sanderson discuss spearcons at the HFES Healthcare Symposium

Alex Neary and Penny Sanderson present at the online 2020 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare, discussing use of spearcons for patient monitoring.

1 Mar 2020
Welcome to honours student Sam Leav

We welcome Sam Leav to CERG as our sole 2020 honours student! Sam has worked with us this summer, and is off to a good start examining auditory displays.

21 Jan 2020
ARC Linkage grant with Boeing announced

Penny and colleague Prof Andrew Neal plus others have received an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, with Boeing as the industry partner.  Topic is the design of teams to control UAVs.

4 Dec 2019
Congratulations to our 2019 honours students

Warmest congratulations to our 2019 honours students - Alex Neary, Emma Knight, Garry Mann, and Alison Utting - who all received first class honours for their theses and their degrees!

28 Oct 2019
CERG goes to the HFES meeting in Seattle, WA

CERG turns out in force for the HFES meeting in Seattle, WA. Penny plus Marie-Lys Deschamps, Tom Davidson, and Isaac Salisbury make the trip and give presentations.

25 Jun 2019
Estrella Paterson presents at ICAD2019 in Newcastle, UK

Estrella Paterson and Penny Sanderson attend the International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD2019) at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK, where Estrella presents her PhD research.

25 Feb 2019
Welcome to 2019 honours students

We welcome our honours students for 2019: Alex Neary, Alison Utting, Emma Knight, and Garry Mann. We look forward to working with you this year!

3 Dec 2018
Congratulations to our 2018 honours students on first-class degrees

We congratulate our three honours students - Tom Davidson, Agnes Ryu, and Monika Srbinovska, on their graduation with first-class honours degrees!

3 Dec 2018
Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss on award of MPhil degree

We congratulate Kelly Hinckfuss on the award of her MPhil degree. Kelly investigated novel ways of enhancing the variable-tone pulse oximetry sound to convey patient status better to clinicians.

17 Nov 2018
Penny gives keynote address at PAnaesthesia conference at PAH

Penny gives a keynote address on auditory displays in anaesthesia at the PAnaesthesia conference at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

17 Oct 2018
Penny gives keynote address at DDI2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Penny gives a keynote address on distractions and interruptions in healthcare at the Driver Distraction International conference, DDI2018, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

27 Aug 2018
CERG attends International Ergonomics Association Congress (IEA2018) in Florence

Penny chairs a special session in honour of the late Neville Moray, Jelena Zestic and Estrella Paterson present papers, and Penny presents Courtney Judd's honours thesis in a poster.

15 Aug 2018
Welcome to Harald Waxenegger as a CERG Research Engineer

We welcome Harald to CERG, where he will work on both our ARC Discovery Projects. Harald brings excellent skills, especially in Java, and we look forward to working with him!

27 Jul 2018
Farewell to Birgit Brecknell

After her wonderful work with CERG for 7 years, including 2 years working remotely from Sydney, Birgit is moving on to new challenges. We will miss her, but wish her well!

1 Jun 2018
Congratulations to Mia, Mike, and Chiara on award of PhD degrees

Warmest congratulations to Dr Mia McLanders, Dr Mike Pascale, and Dr Chiara Santomauro, whose PhD degrees were awarded all on 1 June 2018!

24 Feb 2018
Welcome to CERG's three 2018 honours students

We welcome Tom Davidson, Agnes Ryu, and Monika Srbinovska into CERG as our honours students for 2018.

1 Jan 2018
Welcome to new PhD students Marie-Lys Deschamps and Jelena Zestic

We welcome Marie-Lys Deschamps and Jelena Zestic as new PhD students, joining Estrella Paterson. Both Marie-Lys and Jelena did their honours theses with CERG in previous years.

29 Nov 2017
All CERG's five honours students receive first-class honours for their theses!

We're very proud of Emilea Bell, Renae Collett, Courtney Judd, Isaac Salisbury and Jelena Zestic, all of whom received first-class honours for their theses this year. Congratulations to all!

17 Nov 2017
Congratulations to Dr Tara McCurdie

Heartiest congratulations to Dr Tara McCurdie, on award of her PhD today! Tara is the first of the incoming PhD students in 2014 to receive her award. Well done Tara!

10 Nov 2017
New ARC Discovery Project on HWDs for high-tempo work environments

Good news - we were funded $453,307 in the latest ARC Discovery Project round. CIs are Penny Sanderson, David Liu, Ben Matthews, Tobi Grundeiger, Butch Loeb and Andrew Hill.

11 Oct 2017
CERG presents at ANZICS/ACCCN Annual Scientific Meeting 11-13 October, Gold Coast

Kelly Hinckfuss presents a poster and Chiara Santomauro makes an oral presentation at the Australian New Zealand Intensive Care Society/Australian College of Critical Care Nurses Annual Congress.

6 Oct 2017
Congratulations to Estrella Paterson on being awarded an ANZCA grant

Estrella has been awarded a grant from the Australian and New Zealand College of Anesthetists, for a simulator study next year. Co-investigators are Neil Paterson, Butch Loeb, and Penny Sanderson.

4 Oct 2017
CERG honours theses submitted today -- all on time!

Heartiest congratulations to Emilea Bell, Renae Collett, Courtney Judd, Isaac Salisbury, and Jelena Zestic, who all submitted their honours theses by the due day. Great effort, all!

29 Sep 2017
CERG presents at HFES Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Rome

CERG work is showcased at the HFES-Europe meeting in Rome - Estrella's paper on enhanced pulse oximetry had an oral presentation slot and T-Lok's work on visual contrast on HMDs had a poster slot.

28 Aug 2017
DECO4500/7450 Advanced HCI class explores usability testing in the UQUL

Our colleagues Dr Ben Matthews and Peter Worthy from the School of ITEE collaborate with us to set up a series of demonstrations of user testing in the UQUL for their DECO4500/7450 students. 

16 Aug 2017
Honours thesis students are finalising data collection

CERG honours students are finishing their data collection and analysing results - and they are giving us a series of presentations of their findings. 

24 Jul 2017
Dave's research and statistical boot camp finale (for now)

For some months, Dr David Liu has been training CERG honours and PhD students in research methods, using a medical clinical trials perspective. We rewarded him with a big bottle of Scotch.

19 Jul 2017
Tara and Mia successfully clear thesis milestones

Tara submitted her PhD thesis this week - well done! - and Mia passed her Thesis Review milestone. Both are moving steadily closer to graduation.

1 Jun 2017
ARC Discovery Project "Rethinking Auditory Alarms" gets started

Our new ARC DP grant is officially established. We are collaborating with Prof Robert "Butch" Loeb at University of Florida, Dr Simon Li at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, and Dr David Liu at UQ. 

5 May 2017
Congratulations to Mia on her two keynote addresses at Spark of Life 2017

Congratulations to Mia who has successfully delivered two invited keynote addresses at the Spark of Life (2017) conference -- one at the neonatal satellite conference and one at the main conference.

24 Apr 2017
Congratulations to Estrella on achieving PhD confirmation!

Congratulations to Estrella who achieved her PhD milestone confirmation today. For her PhD she is designing and testing enhanced pulse oximetry sonifications.

10 Apr 2017
Tara McCurdie passes Thesis Review with flying colours

We congratulate Tara McCurdie, who has passed her Thesis Review milestone with flying colours. Just three months now to Tara's thesis submission deadline. Well done and good luck Tara!

21 Mar 2017
Congratulations to Mia McLanders on Ian Jacobs Fellowship (Aust. Resuscitation Council)

Mia McLanders has been awarded the Ian Jacobs Fellowship from the Australian Resuscitation Council. She has received $10,000 to investigate team behaviour during neonatal resuscitation.

1 Feb 2017
Welcome to Tsz-Lok Tang - our new CERG Research Coordinator

We welcome Tsz-Lok Tang as she takes on the mantle of CERG Research Coordinator after completing her honours degree with us in 2016. She follows Anna Hickling, who was our 'majordomo' in 2016. 

16 Jan 2017 to 28 Jan 2017
Visit from our colleague Dr Robert "Butch" Loeb

We are delighted to host Butch Loeb on his fourth visit to CERG and UQ. We reviewed activities and discussed initial steps on our new ARC grant "Rethinking auditory alarms".

7 Dec 2016
Hai-Ping Lim wins McElwain Prize for best individual thesis of 2016

Heartiest congratulations to Ping, who learned last night that she has received the McElwain Prize for the best individual thesis in the School of Psychology for 2016. Outstanding work, Ping!

30 Nov 2016
Congratulations to our 2016 honours students on their first-class honours degrees!

Congratulations to Tsz-Lok Tang, Caitlin Browning, Hai-Ping Lim and SokYee Leong on being awarded first-class honours degrees! This is an excellent achievement.

1 Nov 2016
Grant success - ARC Discovery Project "Rethinking auditory alarms"

ARC Discovery Project funding outcomes are announced today and CERG's "Rethinking auditory alarms" was awarded $381,000 for the period 2017-2019.

22 Oct 2016
Congratulations to Kelly on Safety and Quality Best Paper at ANZICS/ACCCN

Congratulations to Kelly for receiving the Safety and Quality Best Paper at the ANZICS/ACCCN conference in Perth. She presented her work on novel sonifications for special neonate populations.

20 Oct 2016
CERG presentations at ANZICS/ACCCN conference in Perth

Penny, Kelly, and Tara attend and present at the ANZICS/ACCCN conference in Perth. Penny presented Mia's work on neonatal resuscitation and Tara presented a poster on interruptions.

26 Sep 2016
Annual Commonwealth dinner at HFES 2016

The University of Toronto and The University of Queensland host the annual Commonwealth dinner at HFES 2016 in Washington, DC. Thanks to all who attended!

26 Sep 2016
CERG at HFES 2016 conference in Washington, DC from 19-23 September

Penny, Chiara, Estrella, Tara, Mike and Anna attend the 60th HFES Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Anna presented as a finalist for the Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award. 

14 Sep 2016
Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss on PhD confirmation

Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss, who passed her PhD confirmation. Both readers were very impressed with her proposal. 

2 Jun 2016
Visits to CERG from Stephan Huber and Kristian Baumann

Stephan Huber and his fellow student Kristian Baumann from the University of Würzburg visited CERG while they were in Brisbane to attend and present at DIS’16. 

17 Mar 2016
Dr Jason Wong from the US Office of Naval Research visits UQ

Dr Jason Wong visits CERG from ONR to discuss research funding opportunities.  We do demonstrations and discuss mutual interests in head-worn and auditory displays. 

29 Feb 2016
Visits to Australia and to CERG from collaborators Dr Tobi Grundgeiger and Dr Butch Loeb

We are delighted to host two-week visits from two important international collaborators: Dr Tobi Grundgeiger, a CERG alumnus, and Dr Butch Loeb from University of Arizona.

6 Jan 2016
Sanderson presents CERG research at Society for Technology in Anesthesia (STA2016)

Penny Sanderson presents CERG research at the STA2016 conference in Florida via two posters: (1) pulse oximetry sonification for adults and (2) vibrotactile vital sign displays.

3 Dec 2015
Congratulations to our honours students!

Congratulations to our honours students Laura Ambrose, Dannielle Brown, Estrella Paterson, Anna Hickling, and Marie-Lys Deschamps on their excellent results.

26 Nov 2015
Congratulations on Mater Clinical Research Seeding Grant

Congratulations to Mia McLanders, Ismail Mohamed, and Mater colleagues Dr Helen Liley and Dr Fiona Hutchinson for this grant investigating neonatal resuscitation.

26 Oct 2015
CERG at HFES2015 conference in Los Angeles from 26-30 October

Penny, Kelly, Mike, Chiara and Tara attend HFES2015. We had two Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award finalists this year - Kelly and Chiara (Chiara presenting the Shapiro et al. paper)

15 Sep 2015
Sanderson awarded UQ Award for Excellence in RHD Supervision

Penny Sanderson receives a UQ Award for Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision. Many thanks to all the wonderful CERG PhD students who submitted the nomination!

10 Aug 2015
CERG at IEA2015 in Melbourne

All CERG's PhD students plus Penny Sanderson travelled to Melbourne for the International Ergonomics Association conference. All gave talks and all went very well.

23 Jul 2015
Congratulations to Mike Pascale on PhD confirmation

Congratulations to Mike Pascale, who passed his PhD confirmation with many compliments from his readers. Mike is investigating the use of HMDs for healthcare applications.

3 Jul 2015
Penelope Sanderson elected Fellow of International Ergonomics Association

Penny has learned that she has been elected a Fellow of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA). The award is formally presented at the IEA congress in Melbourne next month.

2 Jun 2015
Congratulations to Tara McCurdie on GSITA International Travel Award

Congratulations to Tara who has been awarded a UQ Graduate School International Travel Award, to visit universities in the USA and Canada studying interruptions, as well as attend HFES2015.

31 May 2015
Confirmation congratulations to Tara McCurdie, Mia McLanders, and Chiara Santomauro

The first half of the year has brought a slew of PhD confirmations within CERG. Congratulations to Tara, Mia, and Chiara for successfully passing their confirmations.

9 Mar 2015
Congratulations to Dr-Dr Stu Marshall on award of his PhD

Heartiest congratulations to Stu Marshall, who adds a PhD qualification to his various medical and human factors qualifications. This is an excellent achievement!

15 Feb 2015
Welcome to CERG honours thesis students for 2015

We welcome our honours thesis students for 2015: Estrella Paterson, Marie-Lys Deschamps, Dannielle Brown, Laura Ambrose and Anna Hickling from Psychology, and Jimmy Tran from ITEE. 

5 Jan 2015
Welcome to CERG summer research scholars

We welcome three summer research scholars: Rena Resurreccion from the School of Medicine (UQ), Joanne Wu from the School of ITEE (UQ), and Jesse Shapiro from Monash University!

19 Dec 2014
Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss on Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)

Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss, who learned today that she has been awarded an APA to do her PhD! Kelly will focus on ways to improve clinicians' awareness of neonates' status.

10 Dec 2014
Congratulations Elizabeth, Sarah, and Kelly on first class honours degrees

Heartiest congratulations to our 2014 Honours students Elizabeth Vilgan, Sarah Fouhy, and Kelly Hinckfuss, who are all graduating this month with first class honours degrees. Excellent work!

19 Nov 2014
Sanderson is awarded the HFESA Ron Cumming Medal and gives Memorial Lecture

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA) awards Sanderson its Ron Cumming Medal. She gives the Ron Cumming Memorial Lecture at the Annual HFESA Conference in Adelaide.

30 Oct 2014
Congratulations to Stephan and Michael on winning HFES CEDM Best Student Paper Award

Congratulations to Stephan Huber and Michael Weng for winning first place in the HFES Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making Technical Group's Best Student Paper Award at HFES this week! 

30 Oct 2014
Congratulations to Mia, Chiara, and Jimmy on HFES Alphonse Chapanis Award

Heartiest congratulations to Mia McLanders, Chiara Santomauro, and Jimmy Tran for winning the HFES Alphonse Chapanis Best Student Paper Award at the HFES2014 meeting in Chicago this week!

21 Oct 2014
Congratulations to Dr Cara Stitzlein on award of PhD!

Warmest congratulations to Cara, who learned today of the award! Title of Cara's PhD thesis is "Anticipating the consequences of technical change in healthcare: A conceptual modelling solution".

17 Sep 2014
Congratulations to Kelly on winning the UQ undergraduate 3MT competition!

Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss, who has won the UQ undergraduate 3MT competition with her talk "Improving oxygen monitoring for vulnerable babies". Great achievement, Kelly!

16 Sep 2014
Fingers crossed for our HFES Alphonse Chapanis student paper award finalists

Mia McLanders, Chiara Santomauro, and Jimmy Tran's paper is one of the three finalists in the HFES Alphonse Chapanis Student Paper Award. Final presentation and judging is in Chicago!

12 Sep 2014
Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss on success in 3MT Heats

Congratulations to Kelly Hinckfuss on her success in the undergraduate three-minute thesis (3MT) heats. She is one of the top 8 candidates who now go on to the 3MT final next week.

25 Aug 2014
Welcome to Ismail Mohamed - new CERG Research Engineer

We extend a warm welcome to Ismail Mohamed, who has joined CERG as a part-time CERG Research Engineer. Ismail will assist us on engineering aspects of our ARC Grant on multiple-patient monitoring.

21 Aug 2014
Sanderson gives keynotes at ODAM-NES 2014 and "Legacy of Jens Rasmussen" meetings

Penny gives an invited keynote address at the ODAM-NES 2014 conference and then a further invited keynote address at the accompanying "Legacy of Jens Rasmussen" symposium, both in Copenhagen.

20 Aug 2014
Congratulations to Mia, Chiara, and Tara on HFES SAPSA Travel Awards

Congratulations to Mia McLanders, Chiara Santomauro, and Tara McCurdie on being awarded HFES Student Travel Awards to support their travel to the HFES conference in Chicago this October.

15 Aug 2014
Congratulations to Tara McCurdie on AusHSI top-up scholarship

We congratulate Tara McCurdie, who has won a major top-up scholarship from the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation to support her PhD research.

29 Jun 2014
CERG delivers workshop to DSTO Edinburgh on forecasting using CWA

Under a DSTO Research Agreement, Penny Sanderson and Maureen Hassall deliver a workshop to DSTO Edinburgh exploring the use of Cognitive Work Analysis to assist with foresight analysis.

21 Jun 2014
Welcome to Caitlin Browning - Winter Research Scholar

We welcome Caitlin Browning as CERG's 2014 Winter Research Scholar! Caitlin has been volunteering in the lab and learning LiveCode, so now has a chance to put her new skills to creative use.

21 Jun 2014
DFAT report submitted on Australians' care of their passports

A consortium including Alex Haslam, Jason Tangen, Penny Sanderson, Katie Greenaway, Kim Peters and Nik Steffens submit a report to Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Australians' care of their passports.

14 Jun 2014
Another journal editorial on Dr Stu Marshall's PhD research on cognitive aids

Stu has just published his first PhD study on the effect of cognitive aids in the journal Anaesthesia. We were delighted to see an editorial written about Stu's work and the importance of cognitive aids.

5 May 2014
Welcome to new PhD student Chiara Santomauro

This week we welcome Chiara Santomauro to the formal start of her PhD studies within CERG! Chiara will join the team working on interruptions in healthcare and elsewhere.

1 May 2014
Congratulations to Mia McLanders on Mater PhD top-up scholarship

Congratulations (again!) to Mia, who has been awarded a top-up scholarship from the Mater Medical Research Institute for her PhD studies. Mia is investigating team performance in neonatal resuscitation.

4 Apr 2014
Congratulations to Mia McLanders and Chiara Santomauro on APA scholarships

Congratulations to Mia and Chiara, who learned officially today that they have been awarded Australian Postgraduate Award scholarships for their PhD studies.

1 Apr 2014
Welcome to two new PhD students - Mike Pascale and Mia McLanders

We welcome two new PhD students to CERG. Mike Pascale from the USA will investigate multipatient monitoring, and Mia McLanders from Brisbane will investigate neonatal resusciation teamwork.

10 Mar 2014
Kickoff meetings for ARC grant on interruptions and resilience

We have a major series of kickoff meetings for our ARC grant on interruptions and resilence. Tobi Grundgeiger joins us from Germany for two weeks.

28 Feb 2014
CERG delivers workshop to DSTO on forecasting

Maureen Hassall and Penny Sanderson, together with Dr David Crone of DSTO, give a workshop to DSTO Fairbairn on the use of CWA for forecasting.

6 Jan 2014
Welcome to Tara McCurdie from Canada

We welcome Tara McCurdie who has come from Toronto to do her PhD with CERG on the topic of interruptions in healthcare. Tara is an alumna of University of Waterloo.

18 Dec 2013
CERG Christmas Lunch at St Lucia Golf Club

We celebrate a busy year at the Hundred Acre Bar, at St Lucia Golf Club: graduations, travel to international conferences, new faces, ARC grants and more. Click for group photo.

1 Dec 2013
Welcome to summer research scholars

Jimmy Tran, Mia McLanders, and Chiara Santomauro join CERG under various summer research scholarship schemes, to work on designing and building vibrotactile displays. A UQ News item with Jimmy is here.

20 Nov 2013
Congratulations to Dr Maureen Hassall

We congratulate Maureen on the conferral of her PhD. In her thesis Maureen developed the SAfER method and software for investigating the role of human strategies during the control of industrial plants.

8 Nov 2013
ARC Discovery Project success #1: Do interruptions cause errors?

Penny Sanderson, Leanne Aitken, Sid Dekker, Bala Venkatesh, Tobi Grundgeiger, and David Liu are awarded $489,000 to examine whether interruptions in the healthcare workplace compromise patient safety.

8 Nov 2013
ARC Discovery Project success #2: Combatting "alarm fatigue"

Penny Sanderson, Butch Loeb, and David Liu are awarded $388,000 for a project on multiple patient monitoring, combatting "alarm fatigue". Our project is the "poster case" for UQ on the ARC media site.

25 Oct 2013
Dr Stu Marshall's Cognitive Aids paper in A&A draws interest

Stu's recently published paper in Anesthesia and Analgesia on anesthesiologists' use of cognitive aids draws attention and support in an editorial by Dr David Gaba. See CERG Publications page.

30 Sep 2013 to 4 Oct 2013
CERG at HFES2013 in San Diego, CA

Our six HFES talks were well received and we initiated a Commonwealth Dinner with 31 attendees. Well done to Callum Tear, Cara Stitzlein, Maureen Hassall, Bonnie Harris and Liisa Meys who all presented.

5 Sep 2013
Welcome to Michael Weng and Stephan Huber from Germany

Michael and Stephan are from Tobi Grundgeiger's lab at University of Wurzburg and are spending five months with CERG working on an "interrruptions" research project.

30 Jul 2013 to 2 Aug 2013
Sanderson and Grundgeiger receive APA awards in Hawaii

At the American Psychological Association's annual meeting, Penny receives the Franklin V. Taylor Award and Tobi the George E. Briggs Dissertation Award, both from Division 21. They give invited addresses.

24 Jun 2013
Welcome Tsz-Lok Tang as Winter Research Scholar

Congratulations to T-Lok for winning a Winter Research Scholarship to carry out research within CERG. T-Lok will help with head-mounted display research being run in the UQUL.

22 May 2013
Visit from Tara McCurdie of University Health Network

A Univ of Waterloo engineering graduate, Tara visits CERG from the University Health Network in Toronto. We do demonstrations and discuss mutual interests in interruptions research in healthcare.

25 Apr 2013
Six CERG papers accepted for HFES 2013--a record year!

Congratulations to Birgit, Bonnie, Cara, Callum, Liisa, and Maureen on acceptance of their papers at the HFES 2013annual meeting in San Diego. This is a record year for papers accepted and CERG attendance.

23 Apr 2013
Cara Stitzlein heads home to USA to finish PhD thesis writeup

Cara heads home for the final few months of writing up her PhD thesis on methods to help stakeholders determine the consequences of new healthcare ICT. Cara was HFES-UQ President in 2012 and we will miss her.

27 Mar 2013
Congratulations to Dr Tania Xiao on award of PhD

Warmest congratulations to Tania on the award of her PhD. For her thesis Tania performed a constraint-based analysis of "organising" in the organisational context. See her recent CTW publication.

24 Mar 2013 to 27 Mar 2013
Grundgeiger and Sanderson present at TeaP conference in Vienna

Tobi and Penny present a paper at TeaP (German experimental psychology conference) discussing how prospective memory can be studied in laboratory settings, simulators, and the field. (Photo at TeaP)

22 Mar 2013 to 23 Mar 2013
Sanderson visits University of Wurzburg

Penny visits CERG alumnus Dr Tobi Grundgeiger's new working environment at University of Wurzburg and gives a talk on head-mounted displays. Collaborative projects and possible student visits discussed.

25 Feb 2013
Welcome to honours students Dan Mcintyre and Sheena Bala

We welcome Dan and Sheena to CERG. Dan will work on HMDs and inattentional blindness; Sheena will work on individual differences in interruptions.

11 Feb 2013
Farewell to Dr Robert "Butch" Loeb at end of sabbatical

It's the end of Butch's sabbatical and we are very sorry to see him head back to Arizona. However we look forward to collaborations in the near future on joint projects -- and on the journal club he set up!

6 Feb 2013 to 9 Feb 2013
Dr Gavan Lintern visits UQ's MISHC, HFES-UQ and CERG

Gavan gives a workshop to the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Center, meets with CERG people, does a HFES-UQ Roundtable, and attends the HF in Healthcare Journal Club.

30 Jan 2013
Dr Birgit Planitz completes PAH mobile phone observations

Birgit completes an intensive observation of 10 PAH nurse volunteers in our study on nurses' use of smart phones. This is a follow-up to Tahli Kipps' Masters thesis in 2012.

20 Dec 2012
Emergency equipment drawer study at PAH finished by Christmas

Bonnie Harris, Nick Ford, and Penny complete tests in the PAH ICU of Tobi Grundgeiger's illustrated dividers for PAH's ICU emergency bedside equipment drawers.

1 Dec 2012 to 31 Jan 2013
Welcome to Summer Research students

We welcome our summer research students: Charles Driver who is working on PAH mobile phone study and alarms programming; and Callum Tear and Matt Tsai, who are working on the latest Head-Mounted Display study.

28 Nov 2012
Congratulations to all 2012 thesis students

Congratulations to Honours students James, Bonnie, Liisa, and Hayden, and Masters students Tahli and Jim, for successfully completing their theses and (where planned) graduating!

23 Nov 2012
Princess Alexandra Hospital Foundation funding for 2013

Sanderson and colleagues Dr Bala Venkatesh and Prof Leanne Aitken are awarded a PA Foundation grant for 2013 to perform preliminary investigations into the impact of interruptions in healthcare.

23 Oct 2012
Sanderson awarded 2012 HFES Paul M. Fitts Education Award

Penny is the winner of the 2012 Paul M. Fitts Education Award from the US-based Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. This is a win for the generous students who initiated the award and for HF at UQ generally!

23 Oct 2012
Sanderson elected Fellow of HFES

Penny is elected a Fellow of the US-based Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, nominated by Prof John W. Senders. The award was made at the recent HFES 2012 meeting in Boston, MA.

22 Oct 2012
HFES-UQ Student Chapter recognized at HFES

The HFES-UQ student chapter is again recognized as an outstanding student chapter at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Meeting. Tania Xiao represented chapter president Cara Stitzlein, and accepted the award.

3 Sep 2012
Welcome to Dr Robert "Butch" Loeb on sabbatical with CERG

We welcome Butch to UQ and to CERG, from University of Arizona. Butch will spend 6 months with us, pursuing shared interests in simulation-based education and in research on medical equipment display design.

21 Aug 2012 to 6 Sep 2012
Welcome to Dr Tanja Manser en route to SimHealth2012

We host a two and a half week visit to CERG by Tanja, en route to keynoting at SimHealth and other activities. Tania presents her work on handover in healthcare and does an HFES-UQ student roundtable.

27 Jul 2012
Welcome to Prof Caroline Cao from Wright State University

Caroline presents her work on robotics surgery, focusing on work changes in the operating room associated with introduction of the DaVinci robot. She also does an HFES-UQ student roundtable.

2 Jul 2012
Welcome to Dr Emilie Roth from Roth Cognitive Engineering

Emilie presents her work with US AFRL on an intelligent tool for supporting course-of-action decisionmaking for transportation scheduling. She also does an HFES-UQ roundtable.

12 Jun 2012
Winter Research Program (WRP) scholarship students start

Amy Pammenter, Amelia Tee, and Ridhwan Shams join CERG for six weeks, each on one of UQ's new WRP scholarships. They work on a Head-Mounted Display project with Penny and David Liu.

1 May 2012
Human Factors students visit control rooms

Our PSYC3062 students each undertake two control room site visits. Many thanks to colleagues at Clem7, Queensland Urban Utilities, Queensland Rail, and Brisbane Metropolitan Traffic Management Centre.

22 Mar 2012 to 29 Mar 2012
Human Factors students visit healthcare sites

Our PSYC3062 students visit healthcare sites to talk with healthcare professionals about healthcare human factors and safety. Many thanks to colleagues at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

22 Mar 2012
Sanderson awarded APA's Franklin V. Taylor Award

Penny is awarded the 2012 Franklin V. Taylor Award for "Outstanding Contributions to Applied Experimental/Engineering Psychology" from the American Psychological Association's Division 21.

22 Mar 2012
Dr Tobi Grundgeiger wins APA George E. Briggs Dissertation Award

Heartiest congratulations to Tobi for winning the American Psychological Association Division 21's 2012 George E. Briggs Dissertation Award for his thesis on distributed prospective memory in healthcare.

22 Mar 2012
Drs Itsik Nadler and Tobi Grundgeiger win Dean's Awards

Congratulations to Itsik and Tobi on receiving Dean's Awards for Research Higher Degree Excellence for their PhD theses. Their theses were ranked in the top 10% awarded at UQ in 2011.

22 Feb 2012
Welcome to new CERG thesis and research project students

We welcome four honours students (BPsychSci, BIT), two masters students (MCompSci, MOrgPsych), and two research experience students to CERG this year. See People page for more details.

31 Jan 2012 to 3 Feb 2012
US AFOSR workshop in Ocala FL and Dayton OH visit

Sanderson attends the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research workshop on human-machine trust in robust autonomous systems, and afterwards visits Dayton for an invited presentation to WPAFB personnel.

29 Jan 2012
Prospective ICT evaluation research at ACM IHI 2012

Our research on assessing the impact of new ICT on different healthcare stakeholders is well received at the 2nd ACM International Health Informatics symposium in Miami, FL.

1 Jan 2012
Sanderson becomes Associate Editor of JEP: Applied

After five years on the editorial board, Penny becomes one of three Associate Editors of Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, the APA journal for engineering psychology and other applied research.

29 Nov 2011
Dr Michelle Grech from DSTO visits CERG and HFES-UQ

Michelle Grech visits UQ, her PhD alma mater. She presents some of her maritime human factors fieldwork at DSTO to HFES-UQ and discusses cognitive work analysis with CERG members.

29 Nov 2011
Congratulations to Dr Itsik Nadler on his PhD

Heartiest congratulations to Itsik Nadler on the award of his PhD. Itsik's thesis deals with finding efficient and objective ways to measure team performance. He has used neonatal resuscitation as a test domain.

18 Nov 2011
Sanderson talks at CRE-PS Practical Human Factors seminar

Penny discusses healthcare field research methods and their application at the Practical Human Factors seminar hosted in Melbourne by Monash University's Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety.

15 Oct 2011
CERG at ANZICS 2011 in Brisbane

Christina Beltan Orihuela presents a poster at the ANZICS 2011 conference about our CERG (ARC DP) and NICTA PICTE activities on video-based data collection and analysis in healthcare environments.

19 Sep 2011 to 23 Sep 2011
Recognition for CERG and UQ students at HFES 2011

Congratulations to Itsik Nadler, finalist in the HFES Alphonse Chapanis student paper award and 2nd place in HC TG student paper award, and to Anita Vuckovic for 3rd place in CEDM TG student paper award.

19 Sep 2011 to 23 Sep 2011
CERG at HFES 2011

UQ has its usual strong contingent at HFES 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. Stitzlein, Hassall, Nadler, Vuckovic, and Sanderson together present four papers plus a UQ Lab poster. (See HFES-UQ website)

15 Sep 2011 to 16 Sep 2011
NSF workshop "From OpenSHAPA to Open Data Sharing"

Prof Karen Adolph of NYU and Sanderson run an NSF workshop on tools and techniques for data coding, management and sharing. NYU's Jesse Lingeman and NICTA's Clinton Freeman play key roles.

5 Sep 2011
Congratulations to Dr David Crone on his PhD

Warm congratulations to David Crone on the award of his PhD. David has completed his PhD long-distance and part-time while working at DSTO, which is a great challenge. This is an excellent outcome.

1 Aug 2011 to 2 Aug 2011
Dr Dal Vernon Reising visits UQ and CERG

Dal Vernon Reising of Human Centered Solutions visits his academic brothers and sisters at UQ. He gives a UQ seminar on human factors in petrochemical systems and an HFES-UQ Student Chapter talk.

16 Jul 2011
Itsik Nadler submits PhD thesis

Working recently from his native Israel, where he has returned with his family, Itsik submits his PhD thesis for examination. His topic concerns methods for measuring teamwork in neonatal resuscitation.

1 Jun 2011
Sanderson gives keynote address at NDM 2011

Penny gives a keynote address at the 10th Naturalistic Decision Making conference (NDM 2011) in Orlando, FL, on natural vs naturalistic studies on attention in critical care contexts, focusing on recent CERG research.

26 May 2011
Congratulations to Dr Tobi Grundgeiger on PhD award

We congratulate Tobi on the award of his PhD. Tobi is now on the faculty of the Institut fur Experimentelle Psychologie at Heinrich-Heine Universitat in Dusseldorf, Germany.

10 Mar 2011
Matt Thompson awarded Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship

Matt is awarded a Fulbright to conduct research in the USA next year at University of California, LA, on fingerprint evidence. Matt's PhD Principal Advisor is Dr Jason Tangen; Sanderson is Associate Advisor.

28 Feb 2011
Dr David Liu awarded Dean's Commendation for his PhD thesis

Dave's thesis is recognised under the Dean's Commendation for Outstanding RHD Theses scheme. Only the top 10% of UQ RHD theses receive such an award, based on examiners' reports and school endorsement.

16 Feb 2011 to 18 Feb 2011
We host AOARD/ONRG/NICTA workshop on causality of change

CERG provides local hosting on the Gold Coast for an AOARD/ONRG/NICTA workshop on understanding and influencing causality of change in complex sociotechnical systems. (Click for more) (See also Times HES story)

12 Jan 2011
Brisbane floods spare CERG Laboratory and UQUL

It was predicted that our laboratory area would be 1.2 meters under water, but peak levels were lower than predicted. However several CERG people were personally affected by flooding. (Click for photos of UQ areas).

20 Dec 2010
Graduation ceremonies and congratulations

Congratulations again to Dr David Liu who collected his PhD at the Faculty of EAIT evening graduation ceremony and to Nick Stevens who graduated with honours at the Faculty of Science ceremony. (Click for more)

19 Dec 2010
Tobi Grundgeiger submits PhD thesis

Working for the last few months from his native Germany, Tobi submits his PhD. His topic is 'distributed prospective memory', including how nurses handle interruptions and distractions in the intensive care unit.

19 Dec 2010
David Crone submits PhD thesis

In an important milestone towards his PhD, David Crone submits his thesis, which is about how we select measures to evaluate technical changes in complex systems. His focus is the Black Hawk helicopter. (Click for more)

19 Oct 2010
Congratulations to Dr David Liu

We congratulate Dave on the official conferral of his PhD degree by the UQ Graduate School. Dave's thesis examined the potential use of head-mounted displays by anesthesiologists to monitor patient vital signs.

27 Sep 2010 to 1 Oct 2010
Bumper year for UQ at HFES 2010

Two Alphonse Chapanis Student Paper Award finalists, two TG best student paper runner-up awards, HFES-UQ Student Chapter gets gold status, and Tobi becomes Student Member with Honors. (Click for details and photo)

20 Sep 2010 to 23 Sep 2010
CERG keynotes and talks at World Computer Congress (WCC)

Penny Sanderson gives a keynote to the "Treat IT" stream of the WCC in Brisbane, sponsored by IFIP-IMIA, plus the closing plenary keynote. Tania Xiao presents a paper in the Treat IT stream.

23 Aug 2010 to 26 Aug 2010
CERG at the Health Informatics Conference (HIC 2010)

Cara Stitzlein presents work on capturing information and communication flow in the ICU, with a view to evaluating the impact of future EHR systems. Penny Sanderson runs a workshop on procurement in healthcare.

15 Aug 2010
Farewell to Michael Muthukrishna

Michael heads to postgraduate studies at University of British Columbia in Canada to study cultural psychology, after four years at CERG as a research assistant and thesis student.

23 Jul 2010
Penny Sanderson talks at University of Toronto gathering

Dept of M&IE at University of Toronto hosts a Celebration of Applied Human Factors in honor of Prof John Senders' 90th birthday. Penny presents on patient safety, attention, and "things on one's head". (Click for gallery)

21 Jul 2010
Congratulations to Michael Muthukrishna on graduation

We congratulate Michael on his graduation with a dual degree: BEng (Hons I) and BArts. Michael's NICTA-enhanced thesis reports a model and experiment for predicting uptake of smart technologies. (Click for photo).

12 Jul 2010
Farewell to Itsik Nadler

Three years ago Itsik and family joined us in Brisbane, and now they have returned to Israel for the start of the new school year. Itsik is completing his PhD-by-publication writeups from Israel.

22 Jun 2010
Farewell to Tobi Grundgeiger

Three and a half years have whizzed by, and Tobi plus family have returned to their native Germany for Tobi to complete his PhD-by-publication writeups and to determine his next career steps.

15 Jun 2010
Welcome to Leanne Jack and Cristina Beltran Orihuela

We welcome Leanne and Cristina, who have joined us in Research Nurse roles on our ARC Discovery Grant. Leanne and Cristina are working with Cara Stitzlein, Dave Liu, and Tania Xiao. (Click for group photo).

19 May 2010
Congratulations to Cara Stitzlein on PhD confirmation

We congratulate Cara on her successful PhD confirmation seminar and interview. The title of Cara's seminar was "Analysis and prediction of the impact of technology on work" and the domain is healthcare.

4 May 2010
Dr Chris Thompson presents our auditory alarms study

At the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting, Dr Thompson presents our collaborative research performed under an ANZCA research grant on alternatives to the IEC 60601-1-8 melodic alarms. (Click photo)

23 Apr 2010
Liu PhD studies on HMDs attract worldwide media attention

Two publications in Anesthesia & Analgesia, reporting studies from David's PhD investigations, attract attention on the Communications of the ACM website, IARS Newsletter, Medical Device Daily, and elsewhere.

7 Apr 2010 to 9 Apr 2010
Dr Shelly Jeffcott from Monash Univ CREPS visits

Shelly presents a talk on her NHMRC Partnership grant which relates to human factors of blood transfusion, addresses the HFES-UQ student chapter, and discusses interests in simulation-based research.

6 Feb 2010 to 10 Feb 2010
Tania Xiao attends CSCW 2010 and healthcare workshop

Tania attends the 2010 ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work in Savannah, GA, and presents at a workshop on "CSCW research in healthcare: Past, present, future".

5 Jan 2010 to 8 Jan 2010
Michael Muthukrishna visits WSU and OSU

Michael visits Prof John Flach at Wright State University and Prof David Woods at Ohio State University on a NICTA/UQ "ambassadorial" visit. He presents honours thesis work and discusses mutual interests. (Click for photos)

7 Dec 2009
The Great UQUL Flood

A hot water inlet pipe is accidentally breached in the UQ Usability Lab during our current refit, and suddenly it is raining and water is rising. Fortunately there's no major damage and two days later all is dry again. (click photo)

22 Nov 2009
Sanderson gives invited presentation at HFESA conference

Penny gives an invited presentation to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia's annual meeting in Melbourne. The presentation covers CERG's medical simulation-based research activities.

19 Oct 2009 to 23 Oct 2009
CERG at HFES2009 in San Antonio, TX

Four members of CERG attend HFES2009--Matt Thompson, David Liu, Morgan Tear, and Penny Sanderson--and they present five papers between them. Recognition for UQ student activities is high. (click photo)

15 Sep 2009
Matt Thompson is 2009 ATSE Young Science Ambassador

Matt has been selected as 2009 ATSE Young Science Ambassador and received his award at a Queensland Parliament House event. He will promote science to young people in Queensland. (click photo).

14 Sep 2009 to 30 Sep 2009
Penny Sanderson visits UK on Distinguished Visiting Fellowship

For the second half of her UK Royal Academy of Engineering DVF, Penny visits Middlesex University and gives a series of talks and workshops on Exploratory Sequential Data Analysis. (click photo).

7 Sep 2009
David Liu wins ISWC2009 Best Paper Award

Congratulations to Dave for winning the best paper award at the International Symposium on Wearable Computing in Linz, Austria. The award was shared between the two top papers this year.

28 Aug 2009
Tobi Grundgeiger co-winner in 3-minute thesis competition heats

Congratulations to Tobi for being co-winner in the School of Psychology's heats for UQ's three-minute thesis competition. He goes on to be runner-up in the Faculty heats.

9 Aug 2009 to 14 Aug 2009
CERG at 17th World Congress on Ergonomics (IEA2009) in Beijing

Tobi Grundgeiger and Penny Sanderson attend IEA2009. Tobi presents work on interruptions in healthcare and provides a short invited summary of students' perceptions of the conference at the closing ceremony.

27 Jul 2009 to 8 Aug 2009
Prof John Flach visits CERG and NICTA COSE

John Flach from Wright State University visits for two weeks, for interactions with CERG and NICTA COSE. He gives an HFES-UQ sponsored talk on Dynamics of Collision, and a talk to NICTA on Dynamics of Experience.

6 Jul 2009
CERG students visit QHealth's Skills Development Centre

The UQ Student Chapter of HFES makes a trip to Queensland Health's Skills Development Centre, with many CERG HFES members in attendance. (Click photo)

3 Jun 2009
Human factors in health informatics joint seminar at UQ

We host a joint seminar on human factors in health informatics between UQ's CERG, NICTA's COSE project, University of NSW's Centre for Health Informatics and NHMRC CRE in Patient Safety. (Click photo)

1 Jun 2009
Michael Muthukrishna wins NICTA Honours Scholarship

We congratulate Michael on winning a NICTA scholarship to complete his Honours degree in ITEE in 2009/2010. He will investigate smart home technology using cognitive engineering methods.

25 May 2009
Matthew B. Thompson wins Smart Futures PhD Scholarship

We congratulate Matt on winning a highly selective Queensland Smart Futures PhD Scholarship for his PhD research on fingerprint identification with Dr Jason Tangen. See media statement and more details. (Click photo)

29 Apr 2009 to 11 May 2009
Penny Sanderson visits UK and Sweden on an RAE DVF

Penny visits the UK and Sweden on the first part of a Royal Academy of Engineering Distinguished Visiting Fellowship hosted by Middlesex University. The second part will be in September. (Click photo)

15 Mar 2009
Welcome to Cara Stitzlein

We welcome Cara Stitzlein to CERG as a PhD student. Cara comes to us from Microsoft after prior associations with CSIRO and George Mason University. Cara's research area is human factors in health informatics. (Click photo)

12 Jan 2009 to 16 Jan 2009
David Liu presents HMD research at IMSH2009 and STA2009

Dave presents his PhD research at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (3rd place, Best Technology Abstract plus invited presentation) and at Society for Technology in Anesthesia (invited presentation). (Click photo)

1 Jan 2009
Welcome to Dr Stu Marshall

Melbourne-based anaesthetist Dr Stu Marshall joins us as a part-time PhD student. Stu has a Masters of Human Factors degree and is jointly supervised by Prof Sanderson and A/Prof Brendan Flanagan, Monash University.

3 Dec 2008
Graduation ceremony congratulations

Honours students Will Harrison and Morgan Tear attend their graduation ceremony, together with their families. Online Masters of Human Factors students graduate in the same ceremony. Congratulations to all! (Click photo)

28 Nov 2008
Congratulations to Matt Thompson on APA scholarship

We congratulate CERG Research Coordinator Matt Thompson for winning an Australian Postgraduate Award to do his PhD at UQ. His principal advisor will be Dr Jason Tangen, and associate advisor Prof Penelope Sanderson.

27 Nov 2008
Visit of Dr Michael O'Reilly of Masimo Corp to CERG

We host a short visit from Dr Michael O'Reilly from Masimo Corporation, USA, and Univ of California, Irvine. We discuss auditory alarms, smart alarm systems, and advanced display technologies.

26 Nov 2008
Congratulations to Will Harrison and Morgan Tear

We congratulate our honours students Will and Morgan on successful completion of their honours thesis projects and their degrees---and on their Faculty of SBS summer research scholarships. (Click photo)

17 Nov 2008
David Liu et al. awarded 3rd place for IMSH Technology abstract

Liu, Sanderson, Jenkins, Watson and Russell are awarded 3rd place for their abstract in the Technology area at forthcoming International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare conference (IMSH2009).

1 Nov 2008
Congratulations to Xilin Li on UQ Postdoctoral Fellowship

We congratulate Xilin Li on winning a prestigious UQ Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre. Xilin will be working with Dr Tim Horberry.

29 Oct 2008
Dr Kenneth Boff and Dr David Sonntag visit on AOARD trip

We host a visit from Ken Boff and David Sonntag, who are on an AOARD trip to become familiar with local research in areas of shared interest, and who take in a visit to NICTA's Queensland Research Laboratory. (Click photo)

17 Sep 2008 to 30 Sep 2008
CERG at HFES2008 in New York City plus Baltimore and DC

Tania Xiao, Tobi Grundgeiger, Matt Thompson, and Penny Sanderson present three papers at HFES. We visit Univ of Maryland Medical Centre, Johns Hopkins Medical Simulation Centre, New York Univ and George Mason Univ. (Click photo)

8 Sep 2008
David Liu co-wins ITEE heats of Three-Minute Thesis competition

Congratulations to David, who has co-won the School of ITEE's heats of the UQ Graduate School's Three Minute Thesis competition. Due to pressure of PhD research he was not able to compete in the finals.

1 Sep 2008
Laerdal supports Itsik Nadler's work on neonatal resuscitation

Laerdal have kindly provided funding for Itsik Nadler's investigations into the effectiveness of simulators for team training in neonatal resuscitation. Itsik will use Laerdal's "SimNewB" as part of his work.

7 Aug 2008
Sanderson awarded RAE Distinguished Visiting Fellowship

During 2009, Penelope Sanderson will spend a month at Middlesex Univ on an Royal Academy of Engineering DVF with Prof William Wong, collaborating on a project with Sweden's FOI research institute for defence and safety.

4 Aug 2008
Congratulations to David Liu on Travelling Scholarship

We congratulate David for winning the UQ Alumni Association's Elizabeth Usher Memorial Travelling Scholarship for 2008. The scholarship will support David's travel to IMSH2009 and STA2009 next year when he is in the USA.

25 Jun 2008
Visit of Professor Debbie Boehm-Davis of George Mason Univ

Debbie Boehm-Davis visits UQ on a collaboration with Prof Roger Remington. We house Debbie in the CERG/UQUL area and enjoy two talks she gives--we share current interests in the effect of interruptions on performance.

22 Mar 2004 to 26 Mar 2004
Prof William Wong, Middlesex Univ, visits CERG

Professor Wong, a new CERG International Research Affiliate, visits CERG to work on hydropower plant display design.... and introduces the Key Centre to his use of Critical Decision Methodology.

15 Mar 2004 to 16 Mar 2004
CERG welcomes Dr Ken Boff, USAF Research Lab

We welcome Dr Ken Boff, Chief Scientist, Human Effectiveness, US Air Force Research Laboratory, on a visit to CERG and the Key Centre for HF. (L-->R: Crawford, Dr Boff, Watson, Sanderson, Memisevic, Miller)

23 Feb 2004
Welcome to Stas Krupenia

We extend a warm welcome to new CERG PhD student Stas Krupenia--recently of the Dept of Psych at Univ of WA--who will research information systems for anaesthesia monitoring.

2 Feb 2004
Xilin Li and Martijn Mooij win ACCS PhD scholarships

Congratulations Xilin and Martijn on winning 3.5 year PhD scholarships from the ARC Centre for Complex Systems (ACCS) for work on visualisation of complex electrical market processes and control in Free Flight.

1 Feb 2004
CERG newcomers welcomed from afar

We welcome Martijn Mooij (San Jose State Univ) as a Visiting Scholar and Dr Lisette Kanse (Eindhoven Univ of Techn) as a new UQ Postdoctoral Fellow to CERG and the Key Centre for HF.

7 Nov 2003
ARC Centre for Complex Systems (ACCS) launched

Prof Sanderson is a CI in this new $4.5m centre headed by ITEE's Prof Peter Lindsay. ACCS complexity research will enrich CERG's study of complex sociotechnical systems. 

31 Oct 2003
CERG Honours students at School of ITEE Innovation Expo

CERG ITEE honours students Vivian Shek, Alex Wee, and Lisa Bright present their projects at the School of ITEE's Innovation Expo at the UQ Centre. They are shown at left with Professor Simon Kaplan, Head of the School of ITEE.

15 Oct 2003
ARC Linkage grant for $660,456 on Air Traffic Controller workload

CERG researchers will perform Cognitive Task Analysis and video analysis with MacSHAPA on this major new grant led by Dr Neal on Air Traffic Controller workload modeling. Industry Partner: Airservices Australia. Investigators: Neal, Humphreys, Halford, Lindsay, Kwantes, Sanderson, Loft, and Boag.

13 Oct 2003 to 17 Oct 2003
CERG gives five papers at HFES2003 in Denver, CO

Jennifer Crawford, Anne Miller and Prof Sanderson attend and present at HFES2003. Miller and Sanderson later lunch with Sue Bogner at the National Press Club in Washington, DC (photo) and give presentations and demos at University of Maryland, New York University, Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute, Tufts University, and Aptima.

18 Aug 2003
CERG official roles at opening of ATO Simulation Centre

Australian Taxation Office opens a user-centred design centre in downtown Brisbane.  Prof Sanderson gives an address at the opening. Anne Miller attends as CHISIG Brisbane representative.

19 Jun 2003 to 27 Jun 2003
UQUL first short course in HCI and user-centred design

Prof Sanderson and Anne Miller run our first short course in HCI and user-centred design using the UQ Usability Laboratory. In five days, we take learners through user requirements gathering, conceptual design, prototyping, formative usability testing and analysis, to design recommendations.

31 Mar 2003
Welcome to Graham Weekes: UQUL Snr Research Programmer

We welcome Graham Weekes who has taken up the position of UQUL Senior Research Programmer. Graham is a graduate of UQ's School of ITEE and has spent the last three years working in industry. He has specialist skills in software engineering and project management.

31 Mar 2003
Miller, Watson, and Sanderson talk at College of Anaesthetists' Annual Scientific Meeting

Anne Miller, Dr Marcus Watson and Prof Sanderson give invited talks on information design, sonification, and system tailoring at the Australia New Zealand College of Anaesthetists' Annual Scientific Meeting in Hobart.

11 Feb 2003
Farewell to Rohan Clarke

This month we farewell Rohan Clarke, who has been responsible for the technical establishment of the UQUL. Thanks so much, Rohan!

11 Feb 2003
Sanderson gives invited address at Risø CSE Centre launch

Prof Sanderson gives an invited address at the launch of the new Cognitive Systems Engineering Center for Human-Machine Interaction, established at Risø National Laboratory in Denmark, in collaboration with the Centre for Human-Information Interaction at Univ. of Washington.

6 Jan 2003
Watson attends Society for Technology in Anesthesia conference

Dr Marcus Watson makes an invited presentation at the Society for Technology in Anesthesia conference (STA2003) in San Diego on sonification work being conducted within CERG.

10 Dec 2002
CRC for Interaction Design: $12.4M awarded

DEST has awarded QUT, UQ, Griffith and RMIT $12.4M for a CRC for Interaction Design. See press release. Prof Sanderson has a 40% involvement as a Chief Investigator.

6 Dec 2002
CERG Honours students receive IIA degrees

Congratulations to CERG honours students Annyck Savill, John Woodall and Davina Strutton (L to R in photo) who all received IIA honours degrees in Psychology.

27 Nov 2002
Anderson wins best paper award at HF2002 conference

PhD student Jan Anderson wins the Gitte Lindgaard Award offered by CHISIG for the best paper (written and presented) at HF2002 in Melbourne. Paper authors were Anderson, Sanderson & Norris (2002) and topic was auditory attention.

20 Nov 2002
CERG at Patient Safety Launch

Prof Sanderson speaks at Princess Alexandra Hospital and District's well-attended Patient Safety Launch on lessons learned from human factors psychology.

1 Nov 2002
Early career grant success for Watson

Dr Marcus Watson receives an early career grant from The University of Queensland for work on visualisation and sonification of monitored blood pressure information.

1 Oct 2002 to 11 Oct 2002
Sanderson and Anderson tour the USA and Canada

Prof Sanderson and Janet Anderson present at HFES2002 and visit New York Univ, McGill Univ, Univ of Toronto, Univ of Waterloo, McMaster Univ and Georgia Tech.

20 Aug 2002
Science in Parliament Day

Prof Sanderson attends Science in Parliament Day, and discusses usability, laboratories, and control room design during a 25-min in camera session with the Queensland Minister for Education, the Hon Anna Bligh.

8 Aug 2002
UQ Usability Laboratory in first use

Human factors students perform a task analysis of conference-capable telephones and call their peers next door. The technical workup of the lab is still in progress: in the pictures coaxial cables hang from the ceiling, awaiting connection.

25 Jul 2002
Prof Erik Hollnagel on ABC Radio

Prof Hollnagel is interviewed by Steve Austin about "accidental users" of technology and other themes on ABC Brisbane's Drive program.

23 Jul 2002 to 25 Jul 2002
Key Centre Winter School ... Prof Erik Hollnagel

For this year's Winter School in the Key Centre, CERG promotes the theme of control rooms: Prof Erik Hollnagel is guest speaker on Wedn 24 July. More information available on our Winter School 2002 webpage. 

22 Jun 2002
CERG research featured on Radio National's The Science Show

Robin Williams interviews Prof Sanderson and the conversation ranges over power plant control rooms, operating theatres and sonification, featuring research done by Marcus Watson for his PhD.

14 Jun 2002
Janet Anderson wins Annandale Bequest for 2002

Janet Anderson wins the School of Psychology's Annandale Bequest for 2002, which is a prize for travel. She attends ICAD2002 in Japan in July.

16 May 2002
CERG role in Ergonomics in Medicine Seminar

Dr Michael Patkin (Flinders University) and Professor Penelope Sanderson (UQ) present an ESA "Ergonomics in Medicine" Seminar between 3.30-8.30pm, May 16, 2002.

15 May 2002
CERG work featured in The Australian

Cognitive engineering work in the Key Centre is featured in The Australian's 15 May Science-Engineering-Technology Education Report, under complex/intelligent systems.

7 May 2002 to 8 May 2002
Centre for Maritime Human Factors workshop

CERG participates in a workshop run for DSTO by the ARC Key Centre for Human Factors to discuss research priorities for an Australian Centre for Maritime Human Factors (CMHF).

8 Apr 2002
Marcus Watson receives Award

Marcus Watson is awarded a three-year UQ Postdoctoral Fellowship to pursue research in sonification.

18 Mar 2002
Dr Rizah Memisevic joins CERG

Dr Rizah Memisevic joins CERG as a Research Officer on an ARC SPIRT Grant with the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority. Dr Memisevic is a power systems engineer from Bosnia, recently arrived in Australia with his family.

11 Feb 2002
Rohan Clarke joins CERG

Rohan Clarke joins CERG as the University of Queensland Usability Laboratory (UQUL) Laboratory Manager. Rohan previously was IT Manager, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, UQ and prior to that was the IT officer of the Key Centre for Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Psychology.