CERG is housed within the ARC Key Centre for Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Psychology (KCHF), and its activities are hosted by The University of Queensland Usability Laboratory (UQUL). CERG members are associated with UQ's School of Psychology, School of ITEE, and School of Medicine.

CERG Personnel & Volunteers

  • Professor of Cognitive Engineering and Human Factors
    Location: MC123 McElwain Building, UQ
    Ph: 3346-9529

    Research Interests/Activities: Cognitive engineering; sonification, and multimodal displays

CERG and UQUL Areas

Function Location Comments
Whole CERG group All staff and students in CERG group
Usability Laboratory Control Room Scheduled experimenters 24A-143 (UQUL area)
Test room phone numbers suppressed to avoid disruption to experiments.
UQUL AV/Data Analysis Room Part time UQUL users and research assistants 24A-138 (UQUL area)
UQUL Briefing Room Part time UQUL users and research assistants 24A-139 (UQUL area)