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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Calling for undergraduate research trainees

The Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL) is looking for students working on CoEDL related projects to apply for a limited number of research trainee scholarships.  Applications are open now.

Scholarship Details

Scholarship Value and Timeframe

Scholarships will typically cover part-time research traineeships during semester ($100 per week) or full-time trainees over summer and winter breaks ($300 per week).

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be a current UQ student who has completed at least one semester of study at UQ and have been invited to be (or currently be) involved in a CoEDL research project.


Applications will be evaluated on:

  • The relevance of the project to CoEDL
  • Quality of the project proposed
  • The relevance and quality of the student's background skills, including GPA

It is expected that up to 3 trainees may be appointed at a time.

Work/Study Balance Statement
As a scholarship recipient, you are responsible for maintaining satisfactory progress with the research project as well as your studies. Your application needs to outline how you will manage the project in conjunction with your UQ studies and other outside commitments such as paid employment.

How to apply

Closing Date

26 February (for Semester 1, 2016 Projects)
22 July (for Semester 2, 2016 Projects)

Application Process

Applications need to include:

  • CV
  • UQ Transcript
  • Project Title
  • 300-word statement describing the proposed project, relevant skills and timeframe for the project

All application materials should be compiled into a single PDF and emailed to:
Professor Janet Wiles

Submission Dates

Applications are open now

Project Example


RUBI-OZ: hardware, software and app development for a preschool robot.

Project Overview

RUBI-Oz is planned to be a friendly robot that helps children to learn. It will be an open source platform for social robotics, language learning and robot language research. The robot is based on the RUBI social robot designed by UCSD researchers to interact with toddlers in a preschool. The RUBI-Oz project involves developing hardware, software and interaction capabilities for an Australian version of RUBI to function in the early learning centre at UQ. (explain your planned project outcomes here: eg This project invovles developing new capabilities for RUBI-Oz in the form of apps for young children to interact with.)

Specific Skills Involved

Provide details of what skills will be used in the project and provide evidence that you have the required skills such as courses completed, grades achieved, example projects completed etc.


State the proposed timeframe for the project.