School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Some of the University's successful commercial spin-off ventures that have their roots in ITEE have been:

  • ActiveTorque Pty Ltd - developing engine control systems for a cleaner, more fuel-efficient world.

  • Ausonex Pty Ltd - a medical device company specialising in the design and development of hearing test instrumentation.

  • CiTR Inc - electronic business solutions for the Internet, telecommunications, enterprise and government markets - now known as ISMC Solutions Pty Ltd.

  • Fultec Pty Ltd - advancing electrical surge protection for sensitive systems.

  • Groundprobe Pty Ltd - slope stability radar and ground penetration radar systems. Winner of the the 2005 AusIndustry Emerging Exporter Award.

  • Magnetica Ltd - magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applied primarily to medical situations. Winner of the 2006 'Rising Star' category in the Queensland Premier's Smart Awards.

  • MITEC Pty Ltd - took enhancements to microwave technology to the world - later acquired by CODAN Pty Ltd.

  • WAVE Instruments - a medical device company developing innovative healthcare solutions for the remote monitoring of cardiology and sleep disorders as well as medical imaging.

  • PetaLogix - an embedded Linux® solutions provider that aims to be the premier service provider for Linux on Reconfigurable Logic devices.

  • SnoreSounds Ltd - innovative technology for in-home, non-contact and automated screening of Sleep Apnea using advanced analysis of the sound of the patient's snore.

For more information on individual ITEE researchers and their activity, see UQ reSEARCHers.