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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Evolutionary Robotics

Do you want to explore the intersection of robotics, rapid prototyping, and evolutionary computing? Are you interested in creating robot-generating algorithms to create robots that are adaptable to various environments, and flexible enough to perform when the world around them becomes difficult to survive in? Do you want to earn a PhD by making these things a reality?

The drastic rise in bespoke object creation techniques (using for example 3D printing) has opened up a promising new area in the design and manufacture of robotic components. CSIRO’s Future Science Platform (FSP) initiative has identified this as a focus area, and are seeking a dedicated and talented PhD student to push the boundaries of rapid robot creation and evaluation techniques.

The successful candidate will seek to answer a number of research questions, including (i) material selection, (ii) suitability of manufacturing techniques (3D printing, casting, …), and (iii) shape optimisation and controller optimisation.

The successful candidate will work closely with CSIRO Research Scientist David Howard and Alberto Elfes, plus a large group of interested FSP members across CSIRO’s Robotics and Manufacturing areas.

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