School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Event host: 

UQ Cyber

9 October 2020 11:00am

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Organised, sophisticated and persistent cyber-threat actors pose a significant challenge to large, high-value organizations. They are capable of disrupting and destroying cyber infrastructures, denying organizations access to IT services, and stealing sensitive information including intellectual property, trade secrets and customer data. In this presentation I will present an in-depth and revelatory case study of a leading financial organization with an incident response capability that has matured through its experiences of cyber-attacks. Drawing on the case study I will identify key challenges to the development of an 'agile' incident response capability.


Atif is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne where he serves as Deputy Director of the Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence. Atif leads a unique team of Cybersecurity Management researchers drawn from information systems, business administration, security intelligence, and information warfare. He has authored over 90 scholarly articles in cybersecurity management and received over AUD$4M in grant funding. Atif is an Associate Editor for the leading IT security journal, Computers & Security. He has previously served as a cybersecurity consultant for WorleyParsons, Pinkerton and SinclairKnightMerz. Atif is a Certified Protection Professional with the American Society for Industrial Security. For more information, please visit