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OH&S Requirements

  • Ensure you have either completed a Risk Assessment or read (and confirmed as being read) the relevant Risk Assessment before attempting this task
  • The UQ Risk Management Database is located at:

Tool Options

This procedure has been written specifically for the following items:

  • RG58 Crimp Connector: EEL 15-13-02
  • RG58 Coaxial Cable: EEl 22-04-07
  • Crimp Tool: K011 with die 2904 fitted


  1. Slide a 25mm length of Heatshrink Sleeve [Item1] EEL 16-05-01 over the cable
  2. Slide the ferrule [Item 2] over the cable as shown
  3. Trim back outer sheath braid and dielectric as illustrated in the diagram
  4. Crimp the contact [Item 3] using the Crimp Tool K011
  5. Gently insert the crimped contact/cable sub assembly into the connector body until fully located, at the same time ensuring that the cable entry part of the connector is inserted between the dielectric and the braid
  6. Slide the ferrule [Item 2] along the cable until it butts against the connector shoulder and crimp
  7. Slide the sleeve [Item 1] along the cable until it butts against the connector shoulder and shrink into place

Tool Return

Return the crimp tool(s) and dies to their appropriate storage area before leaving

Amendments to Procedure

Inform the Engineering & Technical Support Manager at the earliest opportunity if this procedure has, or needs to be altered in any way