Engineering and Technical Support Group
School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering

OH&S Requirements

  1. Ensure you have either completed a Risk Assessment or read (and confirmed as being read) the relevant Risk Assessment before attempting this procedure
  2. No Risk Assessment has be sighted as of 13/05/2012
  3. The UQ Risk Management Database is located at:
  4. Visually check any equipment is safe to operate and the electrical safety tag is current.  If expired, the equipment must be tested and tagged before proceeding
  5. Wear safety glasses, gloves and a lab coat before you begin
  6. Clean room protocols apply to the Darkroom / PCB Etching Facility


  1. Apply Chipbonder EEL 97-10-02 using an appropriate needle
  2. Place drops in such a way that the adhesive is completely covered by the component


  • Cure the assembly for 5 minutes at 150 deg C or 10 minutes at 130 deg C
  • The product will not cure below 120 Deg C
  • In cases where the adhesive drop is exposed e.g. S023 components, cure should be at 150 deg.
  • Irradiation of assembly with UV light prior to curing will gel the exposed adhesive and allow to cure at 130 deg C

Additional Information

  • The manufacturer's safety data sheet for Chipbonder 3608 EEL 97-10-02 is MSDS002

Amendments to Procedure

Inform the Engineering & Technical Support Manager at the earliest opportunity if this procedure has, or needs to be altered in any way