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School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering

OH&S Requirements

  1. Ensure you have either completed a Risk Assessment or read (and confirmed as being read) the relevant Risk Assessment before attempting to operate this equipment
  2. The Process ID which refers to the general Risk Assessment regarding activities in the Electronic Engineering Laboratory is 19247 and addresses the use of computers
  3. The UQ Risk Management Database is located at :
  4. Visually check the equipment is safe to operate and the electrical safety tag is current.  If expired, the equipment must be tested and tagged before proceeding.


This procedure has been written assuming that Altium Designer is the preferred CAD package

Generate Artwork Files

  1. In Altium Designer, open the PCB file for which artwork is to be generated
  2. Select 'File' > 'Fabrication Outputs' > 'Gerber Files'
  3. Select 'General' / Units = inches / Format = 2:5
  4. Select 'Layers' / Layer to Plot Extension = GTL Plot / GBL = Plot & Mirror (select layers as required)
  5. Select 'Drill Drawing' / all unchecked (not used)
  6. Select 'Apertures' / Embedded apertures = RS247X checked
  7. Select 'Advanced' / Film Size X = 20000, Y = 16000, Border Size = 1000
    • Aperture Matching Tolerances / Plus = 005, Minus = 005
    • Batch Mode = Separate file per layer
    • Leading / Trailing Zeroes = Keep leading and trailing zeroes
    • Position on film = Reference to relative origin
    • Plotter type = Unsorted raster
  8. Select 'Other' / all unchecked (not used)
  9. Select 'OK' / File should appear in Camtastic and can be cloased
  10. Gerber files should appear in your Client Files folder on G drive for processing

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Amendments to Procedure

Inform the Engineering & Technical Support Manager at the earliest opportunity if this procedure has, or needs to be altered in any way