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OH&S Requirements

  1. Ensure you have either completed a Risk Assessment or read (and confirmed as being read) the relevant Risk Assessment before atempting to operate this equipment
  2. The Process ID which refers to the general Risk Assessment regarding activities in the Electronic Engineering Laboratory is 19282 and addresses the use of computers
  3. Visually check the equipment is safet to operate and the electrical safety tag is current.  If expired, the equipment must be tested and tagged before proceeding.
  4. Wear safety glasses before you begin

CAD / Software Information

This procedure has been written assuming CircuitCAM 4 and BoardMaster 5 are being used in conjunction with the Protomat K045


  1. Depending upon the type of materials being drilled or routed, the collet, scanning ring and the internal thread of the high speed spindle will require regular cleaning as per the following table
Material Cleaning Requirements
Duroid Upon completion of each job
FR4 Intervals of no more than 14 days
  1. The collet shall be immersed and thoroughly cleaned using SafeWash.  Finally degrease with Isopropyl Alcohol.
  2. The scanning ring should be thoroughly cleaned using an isowipe.  Pay particular attention to the underside of this assembly.
  3. The internal thread of the high speed spindle shall be thoroughly cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol only.  A brush is provided specifically for this purpose.
  4. Ensure all parts are thoroughly clean and dry then, align the keyway and carefully insert the collet into the high speed spindle.

Naming & Location of Files

  1. It is assumed that external client files have been labelled and located in a folder which has been named to reflect the current job number
  2. It is assumed that ETSG project files have been labelled and located in accordance with ETSG documentation protocols
  3. Working files are to be located in each person's respective client files folder on G Drive for processing

Power Up

  1. Switch on the computer MEC01 and monitor
  2. Switch on the Protomat K045
  3. Switch on the air solenoid and ensure Protomat regulator (located under the bench) is set to 7 bars
  4. Switch on the vacuum auto switch K047

Boardmaster - Tool Library Selection

  1. Open BoardMaster (if present, ignore FIFO message)
  2. Select 'Configuration' > 'Tool Library' > 'Mill / Drill'
  3. Is the correct Tool Library selected for the initial phase? (nominally fr4-10.tol / see top left window)
    YES = Select 'Cancel'
    NO = Select 'Load' > fr4-100.tol > 'Open' > 'OK'

Boardmaster - Template Selection

  1. Select 'Configuration' > 'Phases'
  2. Is the correct Template selected to suit the current task? (nominally 1-2Layer.phs / see top left window)
    YES = Select 'Cancel'
    NO = Select 'Load' > 1-2Layer.phs > 'Open' > 'OK'

Circuit Cam - Configuration

  1. Open CircuitCAM
  2. Is the wizard open?
    YES = Select '' > 'Set as default' > 'OK'
    NO = Continue
  3. Select 'Graphic Mode Button' if not already selected
  4. Select 'File' > 'New' > 'Default' ( is the default template)
  5. Ensure the Insulate Settings comply with the following parameters:
Select > Edit > Insultate > Main
Heading > Job > Insulate Default Bottom > (Select layer as required from drop down menu)
Heading > Tools > Small > Micro Cutter 0.1mm (4mil) - Max size
Heading > Tools > Standard > Universal Cutter 0.2mm (8mil) - Max size
Heading > Tools > Big > End Mil 1.00mm (39mil) - Max size
Heading > Tools > Bigger > End Mill 2.00mm (79mil) - Max size
Heading > Width > Base (All) > 0.2mm (Auto set by Uni Cutter)
Heading > Width > Special (Pads) > 0.3mm (Recommended for inner layers
Select > Save > OK > (Repeat d&e for all layers contained in this template)

CircuitCam - Import Files / 1st Button

  1. Select 'Import Button' (Files should be located in client files on G Drive)
    Select DRR / GKO / TXT / GBL or GTL Files > 'Open' (Select this option for 1 Layer Boards) or
    Select DRR / GKO / TXT / GL / GTL Files > 'Open' (Select this option for 2 Layer Boards)
  2. Did you experience a problem when attempting to import files?
    YES = Refer below to 'Remdial Configuration' section
    NO = Move to 'Countour Routing' section

CircuitCam - Remedial Configuration

  1. If a problem has occurred, then one of the following situations may apply:
    • The File Import Assignments are incorrectly set or
    • The Apertur / Tool Template is incorrectly set
  2. Select 'Config' > 'General Settings' > 'Import Assignments' to confirm or configure settings:
Heading > File Spec > *GKO
Heading > Layer > BoardOutline
Heading > Aperture / Tool List > ApeBoa (Entered manually, not from drop down menu)
Heading > File Type > GerberX
Select 'Add' if *GKO is missing, otherwise continue
Heading > File Spec > *GBL
Heading > Layer > Bottom Layer
Heading > Aperture / Tool List > ApeBot
Heading > File Type > Gerber X
Select 'Add' if *GBL is missing, otherwise continue
Heading > File Spec > *GTL
Heading > Layer > Top Layer
Heading > Aperture / Tool List > ApeTop
Heading > File Type > GerberX
Select 'Add' if *GTL is missing, otherwise continue
Heading > File Spec > *DRR
Heading > Template > Protel x drr Exc mil Inch 23Abs Lead.txt (NC Drill)
Heading > Aperture / Tool List > Tools
Heding > File Type > Aperture Tool Selected
Select 'Add' if *DRR is missing, otherwise continue
Heading > File Spec > *TXT
Heading > Layer > Drill Plated
Heading > Aperture / Tool List > Tools
Heading > File Type > Excellon
Select 'Add' if *TXT is missing, otherwise continue

CircuitCam - Contour Routing / 2nd Button

Select 'Contour Routing' Button

Heading > Contour Routing > Select > Outside
Heading > Source > Select > Board Outline
Heading > Destination layer > Select > Cutting Outside
Heading > Used Tool > Heading > List Select > LpkfCuttingTools
Heading > Used Tool > Heading > Tool Select > Contour Router 1.0mm (39mil)
Heading > Gap Width > Select > 1.0mm
Select > Run (Board outline should appear around perimeter of the PCB)

CircuitCam - Breakout Tabs / 3rd Button

  1. Place cursor just outside Top L/H corner of the board outline and left click the mouse (selects board outline)
  2. Press [+] or [-] (numerical keypad) to place the cursor where the 1st breakout tab is required
  3. Select 'Breakout Tab' button or press 'Control G' (a gap should now appear on the board outline)
  4. Repeat this process for each breakout tab required
  5. Press 'Escape' to exit the process

Warning - Do not use the mouse to define breakout tabs.  The board outline may be shifted by any movement of the mouse in the 'x' or 'y' directions

CircuitCam - Export Files / 6th Button

  1. Select 'Export' Button
  2. Confirm files will be saved to the appropriate location
  3. Select 'Save' (files are saved and exported to BoardMaster)

Boardmaster - Check Imported File

  1. Switch to BoardMaster
  2. Hs the file be satisfactorily imported?
    YES = Continue
    NO = Go back to the BoardMaster Tool Library Section and continue

Protomat - Preparation

  1. Select 'Goto' > Pause (positions head allowing room to secure PCB and underlay material)
  2. Ensure the bed is thoroughly clean before proceeding (use isowipes for cleaning)

It is extremely important that the bed is dry and all traces of swarf and grease are removed before attempting to secure the underlay and PCB.  Failure to comply may result in inconsistent and poor quality results.

Protomat - Underlay Materials

  1. Is the material to be machined less than 1mm in thickness?
    YES =
    NO =
  2. Clean the underlay support
  3. Ensure the underlay support is dry then place in position
    This item was manufactured from underlay material 81-01-02 and is designed to raise the normal underlay sheet by approx 0,6mm
  4. Clean the underlay material with an isowipe

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Additional Information

The manufacturers safety data sheet for ____________ is ____________

Amendments to Procedure

Inform the Engineering & Technical Support Manager at the earliest opportunity if this procedure has, or needs to be altered in any way