Engineering and Technical Support Group
School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering

ITEE Staff / Students
Unless parts / items are to be charged to OPAL 4018206 (EEL/OHS), orders should be presented to ITEE Finance for processing.

Non-ITEE Staff / Students
With the exception of METR2800/3800/4900 we are unable to process external orders

Overseas Orders
Overseas orders are not normally accepted unless the part you require is unavailable here in Australia, or the overseas price (including freight charges) is significantly cheaper than a locally sourced part.

You as an individual will be responsible for "End User Declarations" where items are export controlled and ensure that the items comply with all Australian regulations. This includes but not limited to Electrical compliance, EMC Compliance, Radiocommunications and Telecommunications Licenses and Permits.

Privately Funded Orders

You are not entitled to a cash reimbursement for privately funded purchases unless you have sought authorisation from the Engineering & Technical Support Manager before making any purchase

Please note that online auction site (eBay etc.) orders or reimbursements are not accepted under any circumstances

Placing Orders

    All External Orders are now to be processed through the new ETSG Web Store as a Special Order. You can find the new ETSG Web Store HERE.

    Orders will be processed at the earliest opportunity, however, in order to avoid delays you must ensure that:

    • You have used the Supplier's Order Code, not the Manufacturer's Part Number.
    • Part numbers and prices (including currency) you have provided are correct
    • You have included delivery / insurance charges
    • The supplier's minimum order quantities have been adhered to
    • You have provided the supplier's contact details
    • You have provided your course code and group number (if applicable)

    If working to a strict timetable, allow sufficient time for processing and shipping.  Back orders are becoming more common place for standard off-the-shelf components.  Some items may take over a month to arrive!

    You will receive an email when your items are ready to collect.