Engineering and Technical Support Group
School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering

Location Phone Lab Name Divsion Capacity Supervisor/Custodian Status Potential Hazard Rating
47-101   Intelligent Equipment Diagnostics Lab PES/PES 2   Operational X HIGH
78-204B   Condition Monitoring Facility PES/PES 4   Operational HIGH
47-304   Robotics Lab IS/CIS 17 S.Sabbagh Operational MEDIUM
47-311   Mechatronics Lab BEE/MEC     Operational MEDIUM
47-401   Thesis / General Purpose Lab ITEE/GP 53 S.Sabbagh Operational MEDIUM
50-S507   Ant Test Near/Far BEE/MOC 2 K.Bertling Booking Required MEDIUM
50-S508   Microwave Lab BEE/MOC 2 K.Bertling Booking Required MEDIUM
50-S511   Microwave Lab BEE/MOC 12 K.Bertling Operational MEDIUM
78-105   Photonics Lab 2 BEE/MOC 4 K.Bertling Operational MEDIUM
78-110   Photonics Lab BEE/MOC 10 K.Bertling Operational MEDIUM
78-112   Photonics Prep Room BEE/MOC 4 K.Bertling Operational MEDIUM
78-113   Terahertz Lab BEE/MOC 4 K.Bertling Operational HIGH
78-117   MedTeQ Thesis Lab BEE/BME 9 K.Bertling Operational MEDIUM
78-207   Physical DesignWorkshop     S.Sabbagh Operational MEDIUM
50-S509   Microwave Imaging Lab BEE/BME 4 K.Bertling Operational HIGH
78-121   MedTeQ RF & Electronics Lab  BEE/BME 8 K.Bertling Operational HIGH