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Transistor Footprints - EEL Protel Libraries

EEL Protel 98 Transistor Footprints:

BC179      T018
BC547      TO92/B
BC548      TO92/B
BC549      TO92/B
BC557      TO92/B
BC558      TO92/B
BC559      TO92/B
BD139      TO126/*
BD140      TO126/*
BD649      TO220/*
BDT63C    TO220/A
BF470       TO126/*
BF469       TO126/*
BUK456    TO220/*B
BUK553    TO220/*B
IRF9520    TO220/*B
MJ15003   TO3/*A
MPSA42    TO92/C
MPSA14    T092/C
PN3640     TO92/C
PN4356     TO92/C
VN10LM    TO92/G
2N2222     TO18
2N3019     TO39
2N3638     TO18
2N3639     TO18
2N3644     TO92/C
2N3700     TO18
2N3702     TO92/A
2N3703     TO92/A
2N3704     TO92/A
2N3705     TO92/A
2N3903     TO92/C
2N3904     TO92/C
2N3905     TO92/C
2N3906     TO92/C
2N4033     TO39
2N4393     TO18/A
2N5087     TO92/C
2N5400     TO92/C
2N5485     TO92/F
2N5700     TO92/C
2N6123     TO220/*A
2N7000     TO92/G
2SJ49        TO3/1B
2SK134     TO3/1B
ZTX651     E-LINE/B
ZTX658     E-LINE/B
ZTX751     E-LINE/B

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