School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Terms of Reference

  • Review and advise the School on its curriculum with respect to ensuring its graduates have the appropriate knowledge and skills to meet the needs of industry as well as the academic objectives of the University
  • Provide a forum for the provision of general feedback on the quality of industry placement students and graduates
  • Advise on, and assist with, alumni engagement and fundraising activities including identifying opportunities most relevant to the focus areas of the School
  • Provide advice and views from industry perspectives


The Board consists primarily of industry members (members who are not UQ staff).  The board is drawn from industry, government and professional organisations with a record of hiring ITEE graduates or with a reasonable expectation of hiring such graduates in the future.  Members have technical qualifications or equivalent experience that is compatible with the focus of the IAB.  Representation will match, as closely as possible, the range of industries in which ITEE graduates are employed and according to other such priorities as the Head of School shall determine.

Industry membership of the IAB should not exceed 30.

The Head of School is also a member of the Board.  He/She may appoint other academic members to the Board.

The Board appoints a Chair and two Vice Chairs.  Meetings of the Board are presided over by the Chair or, in the Chair's absence, one of the Vice Chairs.  The Chair is selected from industry members of the Board.  One Vice Chair shall be an academic member and the other Vice Chair shall be from industry.

As necessary, the Chair may appoint sub-committees to consider specific matters in greater depth.


Members are appointed, or reappointed, by the Head of School in consultation with the Chair for terms of three years in response to an annual call for nominations.  Nominations are solicited from academic members of the School and from others at the discretion of the Head of School.  No more that 1/3 of members should change in any given 12 month period except when there are unforeseen vacancies.  On the resignation or termination of an industry membership, the Head of School, with the advice of the Chair, may appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term.

The Chair is appointed for either the 3 years of their membership, or for the remainder of their membership should they be appointed Chair part way through their term.

Termination of Membership

  • The Head of School may terminate membership at any stage by providing written notification to the member with justification for the decision
  • Reasons for terminating membership may include poor attendance at meetings, retirement from the profession or a significant change in employment circumstances

Resignation from role

  • Members may resign at any stage by giving written notice to the Head of School

Transfer of membership

  • Members who wish to temporarily or permanently relinquish their membership in favour of a colleague may apply to the Head of School, at whose discretion such requests are considered.

Members will be asked to confirm their contact details annually.


An IAB mailing list is managed by the School to facilitate communication.


At least one, and preferably two, meetings of the Board should be held each calendar year.  The Chair and Vice Chair in consultation with the Head of School determine the dates and agenda of meetings.


  • Secretarial services are provided by a member of the School's administrative staff
  • The School provides a venue and catering for scheduled meetings of the Board
  • A list of members, both industry and academic, is maintained by the School and made available to all members.


Amendments to the governance information outlined here are the prerogative of the Head of School, in consultation with the Chair and the Vice Chairs.