School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The School of ITEE offers internships, i.e. supervision to students who are seeking to undertake projects as part of their studies at other institutions without enrolling as UQ students. Other student visitors seeking a formal record of their attendance and assessment, via a UQ Studies Report, should enrol as UQ students in the relevant program and pay the associated fees. This can be done through the UQ International website.

Those seeking an internship within the School of ITEE, on the basis of an individual application and not an institutional application, should initially contact the relevant ITEE Academic staff member. The UQ Researchers page can be utilised to find academic staff in your research field within the School of ITEE.

ITEE interns pay a bench fee of AU$1,100 per month (including GST) which is applicable to both international and domestic visitors and provides access to UQ computer and network systems as well as the UQ library. Interns are also required to pay their travel costs to and from Australia and living expenses for the duration of their stay. The School is unable to provide internships for a period less than 3 months. Waivers of the bench fee have been arranged with some institutions, please contact your institution directly to find out. Unfortunately the School has no available funding to offer subsidised internships outside these arrangements.

Two types of internships are offered, each requiring a different visa category:

  1. Occupational Trainees - e.g. for those required to complete an industrial placement to meet documented home university requirements without being enrolled or visiting research higher degree students
  2. Visiting Academics - e.g. visiting university staff

Important Information - Occupational Trainee Visa Requirements:

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (previously The Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs) announced new changes to Occupational Trainee Visa requirements in 2005. It is now a requirement that the trainee's English language skills are sufficient to undertake the work at UQ and comply with the OH&S requirements and indicate that the skills have been assessed by:

  • The trainee being from an English speaking country or having completed at least five consecutive years at a school in which classes were primarily in English
  • The trainee having recent IELTS, TOEFL, OETS or equivalent results

The application must also indicate whether the nominee is undertaking an ELICOS course or other English language course as part of the Occupational Training program. For further information on the visa requirements, please refer to the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.