School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

In all honours programs currently offered by the School of ITEE, with the exception of engineering, students undertake an extra full-time year of study after completing their bachelor degree. Honours students complete a research project and gain specialist skills in their area of interest and expertise.

In engineering, honours is awarded on the basis of academic performance in the four year bachelor program.

Why study honours?

  • Honours can provide students with a competitive edge in their career. Many employers prefer students who have completed extra specialist studies and value the maturity and independence honours students acquire from the extra year of study.
  • Honours gives students hands-on project management skills and valuable research skills, increasing their capacity for reasoned communications.
  • Honours provides the opportunity for students to further specialise in their area of interest.
  • Honours students become an integral part of a research team that collaborates with research staff internationally. It also allows students to gain entry into a research higher degree.

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