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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The Doctor of Philosophy program aims to provide research training that fosters the development of independent research skills in candidates.

Candidates are required to undertake an original and significant research project that culminates in a thesis consistent with three to four years of full-time equivalent study and supervised research training.

About the Doctor of Philosophy

Admission requires prior research training equivalent to that provided by a UQ bachelor degree with at least Honours Class IIA. The prior research training can have taken place while studying for an academic qualification (such as a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree), while employed in a relevant research position, or be a combination of academic qualifications and relevant research experience.

The Doctor of Philosophy may be taken through all schools and centres. It is available in all research areas and the degree certificate specifies the field in which the research is undertaken.

Candidates who have enrolled in the Master of Philosophy at UQ may apply to transfer to the Doctor of Philosophy program with credit for completed work