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All PhD and MPhil candidates progress through a milestone system which monitors candidature progression and development. In 2009 the Graduate School introduced the concept of milestones to HDR candidature, replacing annual reporting. The milestones reflect a new, holistic approach to PhD appraisal, specifically providing a framework for assessment that considers the candidate's written and oral work, as well as an interview/dialogue with the candidate.

This approach aims to:

  • Monitor candidates' progression and development at specific points of candidature
  • Identify any issues that impact on progression and facilitate improvements
  • Facilitate candidates receiving feedback from academics who are not members of the advisory team
  • Record any issues / concerns

Candidature is now made up of three Milestones:

  1. Confirmation
  2. Mid-Candidature Review
  3. Thesis Review

At each milestone, supervisors will be asked to reflect and comment on the candidate's acquisition of research skills as identified in the University's HDR graduate attributes.

At each milestone, candidates will be asked to reflect and comment on the development of their research skills, the progression of their proposal and quality of their work.

Please be aware, all members of the candidate's advisory team will need to attend ALL milestones - including seminars and interviews - either in person or via skype. This should be taken into consideration when nominating multiple Associate Advisors or advisors who are external to UQ.

More information on completing each milestone can be found on the Graduate School's website.


Candidates will also need to complete the necessary forms at each milestone:

Candidates will then need to initiate a milestone attainment request in the Candidature Management Portal. Any supporting documents should be uploaded into the portal as attachments to your request. (Please see each the link to each milestone for information on the supporting evidence required).

For supervisors - to check if you have any pending milestone requests in the Candidature Management Portal - go to and log in using your UQ username and password. For instructions see How to review and approve a request.