School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Speaker: Prof Keith Clarke, Imperial College, LondonDr Peter Robinson, School of ITEE
Seminar Date: Thu, 26/10/2017 - 13:00
Venue: 78-421
Host: Prof Ian Hayes

Seminar Type:  ITEE Research Seminar


We introduce a three-threaded robotic agent architecture in which the threads share, atomically query and update a Belief Store of facts.  This records symbolic interpretations of:

  • sense data received from outside the agent from sensors typically mounted on the robot or robotic devices it controls, 
  • communications from another robotic agent, in a common ontology, of:
    • its interpretations of its sense data
    • queries and their answers
    • its intentions 
    • its told beliefs

The three agent threads are a message handling, a percept handling and a control thread. The first is the public interface of the agent.

We demonstrate  the use of the agent architecture with a multi-robot control application. Each agent separately controls a track following robot navigating to a destination room through doors that are exogenously opened and closed.  This is done without risk of robot collision, and with continuous re-computation of the shortest path through doors believed to be open.  See