School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Speaker: Skye Doherty
Seminar Date: Thu, 28/06/2012 - 10:00
Venue: 45-204
Host: Stephen Viller

Seminar Type:  MPhil Confirmation Seminar


The NewsCubed project aims to push journalism practice in a new direction. The emergence of new technologies and publishing platforms has brought with them the opportunity to develop new forms of storytelling. Unfortunately, journalism has not taken up the challenge, and despite pressure from new technologies, eroding business models and changing audiences, journalists still rely on traditional, triangular, formats to construct their narratives. This project aims to change that, replacing triangles with cubes.

By examining how news might be redesigned to better exploit hypertext, the project aims to make a creative leap in journalistic practice. Little previous work exists in this area, and although hypertext theory has been applied to fiction writing, it has largely bypassed non-fiction storytelling.

To explore questions of design, the NewsCubed project will adopt a Research Through Design approach, informed by action research. Under this design-oriented research model, an artefact is created that embodies the research as well as the knowledge and understandings gained as a result. This project will develop a prototype story, designed to exploit hypertext in a way that allows readers or users to visualise the components of a complex or long-running story, and to vary the perspective within stories.

It is hoped the research will make a contribution to knowledge in three areas: journalistic hypertext narratives; the design of hypertext news stories; and the development of the Research Through Design framework.