School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Seminar and Seminar Attendance

Approximately half way through their projects, students orally present the key content of their research and progress of their work.  The seminar should describe the scope and relevance of their thesis, the reviewed literature and its relevance to the thesis, the work carried out so far and the work remaining to be done.  The material should be prepared in a fashion that suits oral presentation and gives justice to the progress made so far.  It is essential that the seminar is not merely an oral presentation of the previously submitted project proposal but is focused on the progress in the project since the submission of the proposal.

Your seminar will be marked by your supervisor using the criteria on the seminar marksheet. Please bring a copy of this marksheet to your seminar with your name, student number, course-code completed. 

To book your Project Progress Seminar:

  • You will be advised when bookings open and the availability of timeslots.
  • Consult your thesis supervisor for the times they are available (from the schedule) - they must attend your seminar. Some supervisors will pre-book blocks of sessions for their students.
  • Book the seminar time via the ITEE Coursework Studies Office (78-425) between 10am - 4pm.  The administrative staff will then enter your booking into the project database.

You will be able to see the complete seminar schedule using the project database. You must also attend at least five other seminars and have your attendance recorded on the seminar attendance form. Completed forms are to be submitted to the ITEE Coursework Studies Office (78-425).  Failure to attend 5 seminars means your overall mark for the course is capped at 49% and your final grade is capped at 3.

Note - your seminar may be videotaped for official moderation and review of results.