School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering


The life of an academic institution extends beyond the confines of the classroom.  Student societies nourish academic life and so the academy should ensure that societies are supported in their mission. The School of ITEE therefore wishes to create a forum in which the management of the School and representatives of student societies can have regular and formal communication.

Terms of Reference

The Student Societies Council exists to facilitate and formalise the School's interaction with student societies and, in particular, to regulate financial contributions of the School toward student events.

The Council would hear costed proposals by members for student activities to be run by the student group they represent. The proposals would be considered on merit and the best of these would be forwarded by the council's Chair to the Head of School for approval.Merit would be judged by the social, professional and technical benefits to the student body, the demonstrated ability of the student group to manage such events and the size of the requested budget.

From time to time, event ideas and opportunities with pre-approved budgets will be put forward by the School for the student societies to consider organising.

The Council will be the only mechanism by which the School will consider financial contributions towards student events.


Membership of the Council is open to duly elected officers of student societies that, in the view of the Head of School, have technical and professional interests aligned with and are representative of ITEE students. Such societies, at the time of writing, include:

  • IEEE UQ Student Branch
  • YEAQ
  • ACS
  • Humbug
  • The Electrically-Based Engineering Student Society (EBESS)
  • UQ Computing Society

A member of ITEE staff appointed by the Head of School will chair the Council.


The Council will meet at least once per semester, more often as required.