School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Speaker: Stefan Burger, Delta-Gamma, Melbourne
Seminar Date: Thu, 08/02/2018 - 14:00
Venue: 78-420
Host: Dr Konstanty Bialkowski

Seminar Type:  ITEE Research Seminar


This presentation will cover the important aspects of coaxial-cable performance for a range of applications. These include resistive and dielectric loss, surface roughness, power handling, phase stability with temperature and bending, humidity, irradiation and practical aspects like specifying the right protection and cable handling. With this information you will be able to select the cable with lowest loss at your desired frequency, to predict if your cable can withstand the power used in your immunity test or whether arcing in the connector is likely at system peak power. You will gain an appreciation of the effect of mating cycles, and the impact of bending and cable protection on reliability and lifetime.


Stefan Burger received the Dipl. Ing. (FH) from the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, Germany in 1986 and worked as a research assistant at the University until 1990. He joined Endress + Hauser, Maulburg, Germany, and worked in the R & D department on a Puls RADAR systems for level measurement for industrial application at 5.8 and 26 GHz. In 2001 he joined Panasonic Electronic Devices in Lueneburg, Germany, first as a Senior Engineer and later as manager in the R&D department. He developed combline and dielectric filters for base stations, SAW filters and duplexers for mobile phones, an on-waver intermodulation test system and antennas for smart meters. He was responsible for development of a simulation software for SAW devices based on FEM/BEM method. He founded Delta Gamma RF-Expert in 2012 and now consults for the elspec Group in Germany.