School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Before you officially apply for PhD or MPhil, we recommend that you first confirm supervision. This will allow you to ascertain whether our school can offer you supervision within the scope of your research interests and experience.

You can search and find contact details for potential supervisors here:

Please provide potential supervisors with details of your proposed project, for example:


  • Research question or problem and its significance
  • Research methodology and expect outcomes
  • Projected timeline
  • What resources will your research require?

[2] Academic CV detailing your academic qualifications, listing of publications and including information about any research projects already undertaken in previous study.

[3] Any other information about your research background, achievements and experience: employment, publications, patents etc.

You will be required to include a research proposal (1-2 pages) when you submit your online application, so it is best if you can discuss this with the proposed supervisor in the first instance. 

Please note that when completing the online application form you will be asked if an academic has agreed to supervise you. Regardless of whether or not at this stage you have a supervisor in place, please tick ‘yes’ and either list the name of the academic that has agreed to supervise you or simply list the name of an academic/s from ITEE who you think would be a good match for your proposed research project.

Please see further details of the application process here: and the link to start your online application form here:

If you have any questions about this please contact the ITEE HDR office via