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Power System Simulation Lab (PSS-L) is one of the facilities of Power and Energy Systems research group at School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering (ITEE), The University of Queensland, St Lucia campus. PSS-L has been established with partial funding from Australian Power Institute (API).

Power and Energy Systems research activities are centered around power system stability and condition assessment of critical power system infrastructure. Power Systems are generally large, non-linear, interconnected and complex. There is a significant need for an improvement in the planning and operation of such power systems to avoid catastrophic blackouts. The research is specifically directed at the analysis and prediction of the dynamic behavior of power systems for reliable and secure operations. Among several analytical studies in power system research, voltage and transient stability analysis, fault analysis tools and power systems control methodologies are the most important focus. Power system analytical studies focusing on stability, reliability, renewable energy integration issues, transmission planning and condition monitoring can be done at PSS-L.

State of art commercial and free analytical software tools for power system research are available at PSS-L for both undergraduate teaching and higher research studies. The notable commercial software available at PSS-L are DSA Tool, PSS/E, DigSILENT, PowerWorld, PSCAD-EMTDC. Open source power system analysis toolbox available at this simulation lab are PSAT, MATPOWER, PST, UWPFLOW.

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