School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The University of Queensland is one of Australia's largest providers of industry funded research and development expertise and its research commercialisation model is current best practice, with the School of ITEE contributing strongly to this reputation.

The School of ITEE has a strong, internationally recognised research base.  The School's staff and students are published widely and attract competitive grant funding and industry sponsorship. 

  • Types of Research Collaboration

    Australian Research Council Linkage Programs

    The Australian Research Council (ARC) is an independent body established by the Australian Government to advance Australia's capacity to undertake quality research. An ARC Linkage Grant is an effective way to leverage your research dollar, giving you access to university expertise to solve your organisation's research and development challenges.

    Your organisation can partner with ITEE researchers to apply for a grant that, together with a contribution from your organisation, provides the critical mass to get research underway. School staff will coordinate the paperwork. The ARC brokers agreements with industry partners to meet statutory requirements.

    Joint ITEE Industry / Government Research Contracts

    Organisations can partner directly with the School of ITEE to establish agreements to undertake research and development.

    Contact the School's Managers for Innovation and Commercial Development, Dr Tony Keating and Dr Howard Leemon to help put you touch with the right expertise.

    Commercialisation Services

    Joint research and development sometimes leads to innovations with commercial potential. The School of ITEE has access to University innovation and commercial development specialists who can help develop commercial opportunities. The School operates in conjunction with the University's subsidiary company, UniQuest, one of Australia's most highly regarded university technology transfer groups.

    To find out more about UniQuest, please visit their website.

  • Who to contact
    • To quickly find an expert in your area of interest please refer to the UQ Experts page.
    • To find out more about the research expertise within the School of ITEE and to discuss options for industry collaboration please refer to the UQ Researchers page.
    • If you want to pursue a direct partnership with ITEE researchers, please contact Dr Harry Chin.
  • Industry Funded Research & Development

    The School has been involved in a number of projects with industry and has worked with many high profile organisations including:

    • ABB Corporate Research
    • Alstom Power
    • Boeing
    • Cricket Australia
    • CSIRO
    • CS Energy
    • DSTG
    • Energex
    • Ergon Energy
    • Facebook Research
    • IEnergy
    • Microsoft
    • Oracle Labs
    • NASA
    • PEA
    • Powerlink QLD
    • QLD Rail
    • SAP
    • Siemens
    • Software Engineering Australia
    • Stanwell Corp
    • Sun Microsystems
    • Tarong Energy
    • Westinghouse Rail
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