School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

You can find the biomedical engineering research group team at:

Level 5
General Purpose South (Bldg 78)
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering,
University of Queensland St Lucia Qld 4072 (Map)


Title Position Location Contact
Professor Juha Toyras Professor in Biomedical Engineering 78-530:1
+61 7 3365 2936


Title Position Location Contact
Professor Markus Barth Professor 78-512:1
+61 7 3365 3970
Professor Stuart Crozier Professor and Director 78-521:1
+61 7 3365 7098
Professor Feng Liu Professor 78-548:1
+61 7 3365 3982
Dr Udantha Abeyratne Associate Professor 78-546:1
+61 7 3346 9063
Dr Shakes Chandra Lecturer 78-549:1
+61 7 3365 8359
Dr Alejandro Melendez-Calderon Senior Lecturer 78-532:1
3365 4449
Dr Surya Singh Senior Lecturer 78-531:1
+61 7 3365 8328
Dr Philip Terrill Senior Lecturer 78-547:1
+61 7 3365 8312

Research fellows

Title Position Location Contact
Dr Aurelien Destruel Postdoctoral Research Fellow 78-523:6
+61 7 3365 1181
Dr Lei Guo Postdoctoral Research Fellow 78-523:4
+61 7 3365 1181
Dr Mingyan Li Postdoctoral Research Fellow 78-523:2
+61 7 3365 1181
Dr Mao Li Research Fellow Biomedical Engineering 78-523:5
+61 7 3365 1181
Dr Antonio Padilha Lanari Bo Research Fellow Biomedical Engineering 78-538:2
+61 7 3365 4307
Dr Hongfu Sun Research Fellow 78-538:4
3365 4307
Dr Fangfang Tang Postdoctoral Research Fellow 78-523:3
+61 7 3365 1181
Dr Deming Wang Principal Research Fellow
+61 7 3365 3997

Research officers

Title Position Location Contact
Mr Rafael Franco Research Assistant 78-121A:1
+61 7 3365 3563
Mr Craig Freakley Senior Research Technician 78-121A:2
+61 7 3365 3653
Dr Ewald Weber Senior Research Officer 78-121B:1
+61 7 3346 9586


Title Position Location Contact
Professor Maurizio Repetto Honorary Professor
Mr Jurgen Fripp Adjunct Fellow
Dr Jin Jin Adjunct
Dr Hanna Kurniawati Honorary Academic
+61 7 3365 2936
Dr Olivier Salvado Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Steven Yang Adjunct Professor

HDR Students

HDR Student Supervisor Research Topic
Mr Marlon Bran Lorenzana
Ms Jessica Bugeja Dr Shekhar Chandra Predicting Disease, Motion and Kinematics of the Human Hip Joint using State-of-the-art Biomedical Imaging
Mr Haiwei Chen Prof Feng Liu The design of metamaterial RF shield to reduce specific absorption rate and improve B1 efficiency for ultra-high field MRI
Mr Wei Dai Dr Shekhar Chandra Deep neural networks for MRI image analysis
Mr Yang Gao
Mr Christopher Ham
Mr Yu He
Mr Dulip Herath
Ms Celine Leung
Ms Xinwen Liu
Mr Siyu Liu
Mr Chunyi Liu
Mr Dwayne Mann Dr Philip Terrill Developing methods to quantify the severity of airflow obstruction in the clinical sleep environment
Mrs Mrunal Markandeya Dr Udantha Abeyratne Snoring sound based identification of upper airway obstructions and severity analysis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Ms Karen McCloy
Mr Daniel Nathan McLeod
Ms Hang Min Dr Shekhar Chandra Multi modal computer aided detection and diagnosis in mammographic and breast MRI images
Dr Sallyanne Nguyen-Pham
Ms Chloe Parsley
Ms Shanshan Shan
Mr Ke Shi Prof Feng Liu Excitation field (B1) mapping in Ultra-high-field MRI
Mr Aaron Snoswell
Mr Adam Stacey
Mr Anders Stangel
Mr Albert Tate Dr Philip Terrill Measurement of Continuous Head and Torso Posture in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Ms Boyeong Woo
Ms Chia-Yin Wu
Ms Hua Zhang
Mr Xuanyu Zhu
Ms Yanmin Zhu