School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering Research group established the MedTeQ facility in 2007 after receiving funding from the Smart State Innovation Building Fund.

The $6.74 million Medical Diagnostic Technologies in Queensland (MedTeQ) facility was created to bring about significant advances in health technology by drawing together world-leading researchers with clinicians at Brisbane’s major hospitals.

MedTeQ aims to build the next generation of medical imaging and monitoring systems as well to develop completely new ways of making medical images required to measure physiological function. Its mission is “to build and sustain a centre committed to developing biomedical engineering solutions, designed with, and purposely built for, clinician’s needs.”

The MedTeQ lab provides a home for several postdoctoral researchers working on the cardiac and breast imaging projects. The electronics lab is primarily used for biomedical engineering student projects. MedTeQ also occupies space at the Mater Children’s Hospital, where we were provided with offices and a meeting space for our students, researchers and clinicians working on sleep projects. Similarly it has a presence at both the Wesley and Prince Charles hospitals.