School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Current active areas of interest

  • Social and Multimedia Data Analytics

    • Modelling complex data to achieve human-understandable machine intelligence
    • Developing AI powered technologies
    • Designing methods to collect, manage, index, analyse and search big multimedia data
    • Contact A/Prof Helen Huang
  • Data Quality Management

    • Improving data quality practices in organisations
    • Computational methods for data quality detection and repair
    • Includes business, spatio-temporal and social data
    • Contact Prof Shazia Sadiq
  • Explainability in Machine Learning

    • Focusing on interpretable deep models in many data-rich fields
    • Novel deep learning approaches in health-related and material science projects
    • Contact Dr Sen Wang
  • Bias and Fairness in AI Models

    • Human-AI methods that aim at solving difficult problems at scale
    • Working with Facebook to develop new methods to detect fake news
    • Contact Dr Gianluca Demartini
  • Digital Pathology

  • Machine Learning and Optimisations

  • Trajectory Computing

    • Large scale spatiotemporal data management and analytics
    • Applications in spatial information systems, transport systems, IoT and streaming sensory data analytics
    • Storage, exploration and analysis of big data and designing novel big data platforms
    • Contact Prof Xiaofang Zhou
  • Security and Surveillance