School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Current Active areas of interest

With 12 academic staff and 32 HDR students, the Power and Energy Systems group is the largest power engineering research group in Australia. 

  • Condition monitoring and life assessment

    • Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre
    • Intelligent Monitoring of HV Equipment
    • Transformer insulation aging assessment
    • Transformer life estimation
    • Online Moisture-in-Oil Measurement of Transformers
    • Data Centric Asset Management
  • Power system analysis

    • Small signal stability
    • Network Security and Operation
    • State estimation in distribution networks
    • Operation and control in distribution networks
  • Renewable Energy, storage and Demand Response

    • UQ Solar
    • Large-scale PV integration
    • Large-scale wind integration
    • Demand side management and control
    • Effective and efficient management of grid storage
    • Techno-economic and life-cycle analyses
  • Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Systems

    • Advanced Power Electronics Topology and Control
    • Grid Robustness and Power Quality
    • Energy Efficiency Optimization
    • EMI and Harmonics (Multi Physic Simulation)
    • Pulsed Power and Bioelectrics