School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The Photonics and Microwave Engineering group has two primary laboratory facilities.

The Microwave/Antenna laboratories occupy the fifth floor of the Hawken Engineering Building (Building 50) and the fifth floor of the General Purpose South Building (Building 78) at The University of Queensland's St Lucia campus. The Photonics Laboratory is located in the first floor of the General Purpose South Building (Building 78).

Photonics Laboratory

  • The photonics laboratory consists of a suite of facilities for laser sensing research.  The suite include facilities for visible and near infrared laser sensing and imaging, characterisation of visible and near infrared lasers, numerous vibration isolation platforms, a dedicated preparation room for testing and fabrication of optical systems and a world-class laboratory specifically designed for laser sensing using terahertz quantum-cascade-lasers.

  • DSP facilities, including USRP 1, USRP N210, Altera Cyclone III DSP Kit, Altera Stratix II DSP Kit, Rice WARP version 2

Microwave / Antenna Laboratory

  • Antenna research facilities, consisting of two (far/near field) antenna testing chambers.

  • Microwave Imaging Laboratory, including Y-Ф scanner, two R&S ZVA24 4-port Vector Network Analysers, and an Agilent 85070E Dielectric Probe Kit.

  • Fabrication facilities, including photolithographic etching and an LPKF Protomat S63 PCB prototyping machine.

  • Computing facilities comprising a cluster of networked personal computers with microwave and antenna CAD packages including Agilent ADS, Ansoft HFSS , CST Microwave Studio, FEKO, AWR Microwave Office and Sim4Life