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Florence Project

Details of current activities, our progress in the project and requests for assistance.

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  • A view of the tcal application displayed on a small tablet computer and positioned on a desk with a laptop computer
    5 April 2020

    As part of our focus to develop personalised technology, we have been working on tcal, the Today Calendar.  tcal is a website that aims to help people manage the structure of their day by presenting a simple view of the even

  • Eileen and Dubhg visiting UQ
    17 April 2020

    Memory cafes or Dementia cafes are a concept that have been providing opportunities for socialising, support and engagement within the local community.

  • Ron from Canada consulting on student projects
    17 April 2020

    We are looking for people to act as consultants to student projects.

  • project image for florence project
    10 October 2018
    Education for health professionals and tech designers is key!
  • Florence Project
    31 January 2017

    The Florence Project had a busy year in 2017. It marked the start of the Lived Experience Reference Group, two public showcases were held and a number of studies started.