School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

What is Data Science?

With the move towards an increasingly digitised future, the value of data science is rapidly growing.  Big data underpins our digital economy - it revolutionises the way we work, live and communicate. As data grows every day, there is significant and ongoing growth in the demand for Data Scientists and Researchers globally. 

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What can I do with a degree in Data Science?

Data Science research at UQ offers a combination of high-level technical skills and a capacity for creative and disruptive thinking. Graduates are ready to solve complex data science problems globally and meet the strong demand for expert data scientists. 

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What makes a good Data Scientist?

Distinctive skills and capacity for innovative thinking towards complex problems. 

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What are my career options?

Data Science has become one of the most sought after careers worldwide, and opens global employment and career opportunities. There have been numerous reports of massive skills shortage and the demand seems to be ever increasing as more and more businesses embrace the power of big data to gain competitive advantage. In fact the transformative power of data is recognised in many disciplines, not just business, such as biomedicine, cyber security, public health, social policy and so on. Data Science graduates are ideally positioned to pursue high end data scientist careers in Australia and globally across a large number of industry sectors, government agencies, and leading technology companies.

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Postgraduate Opportunities

Eligible students may undertake a MPhil or PhD within the field of Data Science, subject to the availability of appropriate staff. For further information please contact the School of ITEE's HDR Officer.