School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

This information has been provided to outline the process for students to view final examination scripts. Any comments on this process should be referred to the Director of Coursework Studies in the School of ITEE.

  • There will be a number of formally scheduled exam script viewing sessions over a semester. The dates of the sessions are available from the School office, Room 425 / Level 4, General Purpose South Building (#78), St Lucia Campus.

  • Students must register for a scheduled script viewing session at the School office no later than the advertised closing date - usually a couple of working days before the session.

  • Students can register for one 15 minute viewing session for each of their final examination scripts.

  • Students must present valid student cards to gain entry to the room to be allowed to view the script.

  • Other than the examination paper, students cannot take any materials into the room with them when viewing the script (i.e. no pens, paper, bags etc).

  • Students may not discuss the contents of their examination script with one another while in the script viewing session, nor with the person supervising the viewing.

  • Only School of ITEE papers (excluding Multiple Choice papers) are available through this process.

  • During the session the student may complete a request for feedback form if they wish to seek clarification of the marking of particular questions or if they believe there is a calculation error.
  • Following the sessions, the requests for feedback and exam scripts are provided to Course Coordinators who will communicate the feedback directly to the students.  

  • Where students request a remark of the examination paper, UQ Assessment Policy applies.