School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Speaker: Professor Shiyan Hu
Seminar Date: Thu, 15/03/2018 - 09:00
Venue: 43-104; Frank White bldg
Host: Prof Neil Bergmann

Seminar Type:  ITEE Research Seminar


The massive deployment of advanced metering infrastructures and smart home energy systems has mandated a transformative shift of the classical grid towards a more reliable smart grid. Despite its importance, such a cyber-physical system is vulnerable to various cyberattacks. In this talk, I will describe a systematic learning and data analytics framework, which is based on partially observable Markov decision process, orthogonal matching pursuit, and empirical mode decomposition, to detect anomaly energy usage behavior through analyzing the massive smart meter data in a community. I will also discuss how this framework can be used for detecting smart grid cyberattacks such as energy theft. I will conclude the talk with some of the ongoing research in this direction.

Seminar duartion: approx. 1 hr


Professor Shiyan Hu received his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2008. He is currently a Full Professor, holding Chair of Cyber-Physical Systems, at Linnaeus University, Sweden. He has been on the faculty at Michigan Technological University (with Tenure) and at Stanford University (Visiting). His research interests include Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), CPS Security, and Embedded Systems where he has published more than 100 refereed papers, including about 40 in premier IEEE Transactions and many others in DAC and ICCAD.