School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Poster & Demonstration

Each student must verbally and visually present the results of their work at a time negotiated with their supervisor and examiner during the demonstration week. Where tangible working hardware or software has been produced, it should be demonstrated. All students will be required to produce a poster documenting their work to support their presentation.

The poster and demonstration will be marked by your examiner using the Poster and Demonstration marksheet.


The poster should clearly identify the project title, goals, some relevant background information and outcomes. The abstract should clearly state the project aims and goals, methods used and the project outcomes. The posters may be created using this poster template. More information is found on the template itself. The posters are designed to be printed in colour on A3 paper (print using the size to fit option). Colour A3 printing is available on campus via POD or the UQ Union Print Shop.