School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Project Proposal

Each student must write a project proposal which clearly defines the thesis topic, presents a review of relevant background material and an assessment of the impact of previous work on the current project. Importantly, the proposal should state the purpose, aims, coverage and relevance of the project and a project plan for its completion. All background and related material should be appropriately referenced and appear in a bibliography. The proposal must also contain a satisfactory Occupational Health and Safety risk assessment for the project.

There is no set format or length of the project proposal, and this should be discussed with the thesis supervisor. Using the format of the final thesis will assist in the integration of the material from the progress report into the final thesis. The length of actual text (excluding title pages, tables of content, etc) is usually around 15 pages.  The project proposal will be marked by the supervisor against the project proposal marking criteria.

Library workshops are available to help you prepare for this assessment item.

The project proposal must be submitted via Blackboard (Turnitin) by the due time. Check with your supervisor if they want a paper copy as well.