School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Reflective Journal

This assessment item applies only to BE/ME students undertaking the single semester placement, ENGG7830 & METR7830.

Students are to keep online fortnightly reflective journals through the journal system available on Blackboard. This information will be used by the student to compile part of their progress report as well as their final project report. Each entry, of about 500 words, should reflect on the events of the previous fortnight and preparations and plans for the coming fortnight. One or more of the later entries should also reflect on the original planning process that led up to the Project Proposal.

Eight diary entries are to be submitted over the typical 16-week duration of the placement project.

Journal entries will be marked on the basis of evidence of progress, reflection, analysis, planning, contingency and the standard of English.

See the guidance material for further guidance on reflective practices and a standard 4-stage analysis template.