School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Thesis (Final Report)

The project thesis is the major means of reporting the contribution of the project.  The thesis should be such as to facilitate assessment by persons other than the supervisor, and should comprehensively include material on the problems and goals of the project, applicable methods, the approach taken, major decisions and the reasons for the selection of goals and methods, results, the extent to which the goals have been achieved, the relevance, importance and context of achievements and the reasons for any shortcomings.  Production of the thesis is regarded as part of the educational value of the project, and the supervisor should give guidance where appropriate.

The thesis will be marked by both the supervisor and examiner using the thesis marksheet. Their marks will contribute equally towards this component of the assessment.


Students must submit their thesis via Blackboard (Turnitin). Please refer to the Thesis Submission Information page for more information.