Francois Windels

Research Associate

Francois is a neuropharmacologist working as a Research Associate at the Queensland Brain Institute. He received his PhD from the University of Grenoble, France, in 2001. His research was focused on the mechanism of deep-brain stimulation used to improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms. For that work he used animal models of Parkinson’s disease, localised brain lesions, intracerebral microdialysis and high-pressure liquid chromatography. After completing his PhD, he moved to the National Institute on drug abuse where he worked for four years on neurotransmission in the basal ganglia and more specifically on the effects of dopamine using electrophysiology and microiontophoresis in freely behaving rats. Since 2006, he has worked with Professor Pankaj Sah at the Queensland Brain Institute on synaptic plasticity involved in emotional memory, a mechanism regulated by dopamine.