Professor Jason Mattingley

Queensland Brain Institute/UQ School of Psychology

Tel: +61 7 3346 7935

Professor Jason Mattingley is Foundation Chair of Cognitive Neuroscience at UQ, where he holds a joint appointment between the Queensland Brain Institute and School of Psychology. He received his PhD in neuropsychology from Monash University in 1994, and subsequently spent several years as a research fellow in Cambridge, England, where he was also elected a Fellow of King’s College.

His research spans the broad field of cognitive neuroscience, with particular emphasis on the behavioural effects of brain injury caused by stroke. His research team also employs brain imaging and brain stimulation techniques to investigate various aspects of cognition in healthy individuals. Professor Mattingley’s work has helped to elucidate the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying selective attention and motor control. He has published more than 100 articles in scholarly journals, including numerous papers in Nature, Science and Nature Neuroscience.