Ruth Schulz. IEEE Spectrum: “Lingodroid Robots Invent Their Own Spoken Language” (17/05/2011)

Ruth Schulz and her colleagues -- Arren Glover, Michael J. Milford, Gordon Wyeth, and Janet Wiles -- describe their work in a paper, "Lingodroids: Studies in Spatial Cognition and Language," presented last week at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), in Shanghai.

Oliver Baumann. Australian Geographic: “Sense of direction can be learned” (08.10.2010)

Oliver Baumann. ABC Online: “Study locates our sense of direction” (30.09.2010)

O. Baumann. CBC Online: “Brain’s sense of direction located” (30.09.2010)

Oliver Baumann. Daily News and Analysis: “How our brains ‘light up’ when we navigate” (30.09.2010)

Oliver Baumann. Queensland Brain Institute scientists find the brain's inner compass. Courier Mail. (29.09.2010)

The researchers found ants use image matching to navigate their way around (Source: Juan Carlos Ulate/Reuters)

Allen Cheung: Commentator for ABC Science about new article:
Lent, D., Graham, P. and Collett, T. (2010) “Image-matching during ant navigation occurs through saccade-like body turns controlled by learned visual features,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 107(37): 16348-16353.

"Neuroscientist Dr Allen Cheung at the University of Queensland says view-based homing is a widely known phenomenon but that this is the first study to demonstrate how it may be used intermittently and still result in accurate navigation."

Janet Wiles. Brisbane Times. 2009 Space Odyssey: Brisbane maps robotic future. November 18 2009.