School of
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre's refurbished laboratory is located at the University of Queensland’s Long Pocket Precinct, a 10-minute journey from the UQ St Lucia campus.

The laboratory houses:

  • Research-grade power transformer donated by Wilson Transformer Company
  • Sensory technology, provided by Dynamic Ratings

Other commercial grade equipment to carry out testing and research include:

  • Omicron DIRANA (FDS and PDC combined)
  • Frequency response analysis equipment
  • Partial discharge monitoring (IEC60270, HFCT, UHF)
  • Ageing facilities
  • Polarisation/depolarisation currents and return voltage measurement
  • Frequency domain spectroscopy
  • Vaisala water activity measurement probes
  • Fibre optic equipment to measure temperature and water content of insulation
  • Thermal infrared camera for studying heating and temperature rise